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34th Sprintcar Easter Trail


34th Easter Sprintcar Trail


W3, V26

V5, S4

V70, A1

ACT66, V17

W25, S27

V47, NQ42

V20, V48

N39, V37

V21, V22

A Main is a green light with Lines getting away from Lacey who is running the high line followed by Dumnsey and McFadden. McFadden looked quick carrying a lot of car speed from the outset.

McFadden takes second from Lacey on the pole line into T3 with Dumnsey also getting past Lacey to move into 3rd. The high line didn’t seem to work for Lacey as he found himself dropping back.

Lines and co started lapping cars after 7 which helped the cause of Green. Dumnsey slowed by a lapped car found Green going around the outside to take third.

Anderson loops it in T3 to bring on the yellows. Positions reverted back to the previous lap which put Green behind Dumnsey.

With 17 to go Lines once again jumped clear on the re-start followed by McFadden, Dumnsey, Green, Vogels and Lacey.

McFadden and Dumnsey swapped positions for several laps until Dumnsey was able to make a move stick and take a clear 2nd and then followed behind Lines putting a pass on the champ in T3 to take the lead. McFadden followed in Dumnsey and had a shot at Lines for 2nd. The two swapped positions for several laps until McFadden go wide on T4 allowing Green to move into 3rd and then into 2nd passing Lines.

Max now a clear leader cruised on to win the A-Main with Green coming home second. A high running McFadden passed Lines on the final turn to take 3rd in what was a fantastic race.

South Australian #27 Daniel Pestka won the overall series from another South Aussie Trevor Green with Australia #1 James McFadden third overall.

Next Meeting for the sprintcars at Warrnambool is a day meeting on the 14th April starting 3.00pm

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