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Sporting website for sale

Here is your chance to purchase a ground-up sporting website that covers all types of sport throughout the world both electronically and with manual insertion.

Sporting Scribe was developed back in 2013 as a sports website that gathered news headlines and articles via RSS feeds and press releases. The site has collected more than 28 million articles to date and continues to add around 8,000 new articles daily. Some 55 sports categories covering hundreds of sporting competitions all across the world are currently listed on the site with the potential to add thousands more. The site updates every 15 minutes electronically with the added ability to add sports news 24/7 manually.

As part of the site’s future financial viability, each sporting page carries 8 advertising spots down the left-hand side of the page. With over 3,000 pages currently listed on the site, the advertising income potential is enormous. This provides the site currently with 24,000 potential live advertising spots with unlimited future advertising growth.

More than 20,000-man hours have been invested into the site to date which in today’s climate would amount to several million dollars in infrastructure costs. The site is ready for an E-organisation with industry knowledge to take over and develop the earning potential the site was originally set up for. I currently don’t have the time to check over the site for updates or the knowledge to introduce the site to the e-trading/advertising world.

If you’re into the IT market then this site could be for you. The site comes with 3 active Facebook pages being,,, an active YouTube account as well as registered Twitter and Instagram accounts. There is also a Quick Sports check box, a Regional Sports News checkbox as well as a Facebook news service. A Women in Sport stand-alone section is also included on the site with provision for signing up sporting clubs, advertising on the site and an online shop provided.

All the hard work is done with the site ready for an expert to develop the earning potential.

For further discussion please contact Mark Humphrey on

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