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Mike Trahar Takes Wild Bunch Win.

Mike Trahar Takes Wild Bunch Win.

28/02/2017, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 21451848

Mike Trahar Takes Wild Bunch Win.


By Mark Humphrey

Keilor/Vic, Aus. 28th February 2017. The Australian Wild Bunch Association rolled into Calder Park Drag Racing as the support category for round 1 of the 2017 Australian Pro Street Association series. Although the car count was down due to recent and future racing commitments the Wild Bunch racers put on an entertaining day for the limited number of spectators that did make the journey out to Calder Park on Saturday.
Mike Trahar driving the multi coloured Studebaker put in a perfect race day finishing on top of the time sheets after qualifying and then followed that up with 3 wins from 3 starts to be the first driver to make the final. Up against Trahar in the final was Wild Bunch promoter Mark Hunt driving the now familiar yellow Ford Cuzzi. 
Hunt had a solo win in round 2 and a win in round 3 against Drago Nikodjevic to move into the final ahead of Jason Keily and John Mol who each had 2 wins from 3 starts. Hunt managed to be the closest to his dial in for his round 3 pass without going under the nominated time. For the record, Hunt was .013 away from his dial in compared to Keily (.352) and Mol (.430).
Trahar was the standout at Swan Hill and continued that form into the Calder round to now lead the series from Jason Keily and John Mol. The next tentative round for the Wild Bunch is the April round of the APSA series at Adelaide International Raceway.

For more info on the Wild Bunch go to:

For more info on APSA go to:

Benaraby APSA Round Entries Open now

Benaraby APSA Round Entries Open now

27/07/2016, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 18765814

APSA Round 3 - Benaraby Raceway

The most enjoyable round on the APSA calendar is on again with DOUBLE points on offer, Saturday September 3rd (Sunday 4th is scheduled as a rain date).

Entries are due now and you can enter online at: late entries will not be accepted so get em in now.

The 2016 Season is quickly upon us and before we know it it will be Finals time again at the end of the season. So pull your finger out and get cracking people and gather as many points as you can before anyone gains too much of a lead.

Breaking News - The APSA has partnered with the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars (ONFC) with our first event at Calder on 29th October and followed by the APSA Nationals in Sydney on November 26th which will be joint events. Blowers vs Nitrous, vs Turbos and now NITRO!!!!

This partnership will ensure that we have a larger spectator attraction and also become a much larger group of racers across Australia plus double the marketing and exposure to all media. We will be jointly setting the schedule which will not affect our qualifying and race format (Chicago Shootout) and promise you that.

Please join me in welcoming the ONFC competitors and group to the APSA  membership.

Just to confirm the races we have remaining for 2016 which are:
  • Round 3 - 3rd September, Benaraby Raceway
  • Round 4 - 27th October, Calder Raceway
  • APSA Nationals -26th November, Sydney Dragway
The rules discussion was extended a few weeks and now coming to a close on our facebook page - .  Rules to be voted on (coming from the discussions) will be put up in the next few days. Members that race "A" class have the right to vote yes or no to each rule put up. Again, I remind everyone that all rules changes will then go to the APSA Committee for approval.

Please try to support the Benaraby Double Points round and enter ASAP as anyone whom has raced there will tell you its the most enjoyable event throughout the year and shouldnet be missed.

Stay safe and run fast, hope to see you all at Benaraby.
Peter Pisalidis
Willowbank Round Postponed - Benaraby Raceway - 3rd September

Willowbank Round Postponed - Benaraby Raceway - 3rd September

02/07/2016, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 18459839

Willowbank Round Postponed - Benaraby Raceway - 3rd September

After joint consideration by APSA and Willowbank Management unfortunately we are postponing the Willowbank August 6th APSA Round.

Please be assured that APSA have made every attempt to hold a Willowbank round but unfortunately from an event promotional, commercial and date point of view we really didnt have much choice but to postpone.

We will be continuing on the APSA National Series as planned with the Benaraby Shootout on September 3rd which will carry DOUBLE POINTS and a cash bonus for brackets over an 8 car field. The Benaraby rounds are always extremely enjoyable and exciting and with double points and a cash payout bonus leaves no excuses for anyone not to participate.

Rules discussions are currently still open (APSA Secret Face Book page) and will be finalised during July after a voting process by racers in that class and approved by the APSA Committee.

Dont forget we still have three exciting rounds to go for this season:
  • Benaraby 3rd Septemebr
  • Calder 29th October
  • APSA Nationals Sydney 26th November
Several members have been asking what licence they need for which event, etc and why cant we just keep or have one licence:
Over the last 12 months we have seen a big disrupt to our sport with sanctioning body additions, racing series split, etc which has all effected competitor numbers right across the board and has had an impact on events and spectator numbers all over the country.  APSA as the promoter, does need to meet the rules and regulations of each track we race at so we really do not get a say in who we licence or sanction under.
Basically we cannot control what licence or Tech you require at any facility: we need to meet their requirements. Hopefully this will change in the near future.

Thanks and hope to see you all at Benaraby on the 3rd Sep, Calder 29th Oct, and the APSA Nationals on Nov 26th.

APSA Management
APSA Round 2

APSA Round 2

23/03/2016, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 17124248

APSA Round 2

Sydney Dragway, 9th April 2016

The APSA Shootout returns to the midpoint of the country - Sydney for another exciting round in just over 18 days time. 

All event and entry information is at : and urge who ever hasnt entered yet to please do so as early as you can.  Entries will close 1st April, to give us some time to get all the preliminary planing, etc done well ahead of time.

There is a Test and Tune opportunity for those who wish to make some runs the day prior (Friday 8th), and please contact Frank Marchese to arrange if your interested as there are a couple of spots still available.

Earlier last year discussions regarding what we do with Pro and Mod Street aspirated had some outcome in combining Blown and Aspirated together with the aspirated cars getting a 'no minimum' weight to equalise their performance with their counterparts. This will be reviewed over the remaining part of the season as we dont want to loose these classes altogether and run combined.

There has been quite a bit of discussion to try and boost numbers (no pun intended) in Modified Street Blown, by allowing 28x9 tyred Sports Compact style vehicles into the field.  Yes some of those vehicles do not comply with the stock suspension, and gearbox requirements of the class, but given they do run a much smaller tyre and are of similar performance we would like to trial their introduction to MSB. As there is a rule set for running a BigBlock, Small Block, etc the suggestion is a rule-set for 28x9 tyred small engine cars to have some leeway.  This will be carefully monitored and reviewed at the upcoming Sydney event - and if we need to make any adjustments, or the numbers do not support the change - we will quickly take action to keep any competition fair and not disadvantage any one!

Yes the sport of Drag racing in Australia is in some confusion at the moment in regards to sanctioning and licencing.  Just to make it clear, the APSA is not restricted to one or another sanctioning body as we hold events throughout Australia and will have to comply with various Track requirements, be that ANDRA or IHRA. Please note that until the end of March your ANDRA licence is 'transferable' to an IHRA licence/tech and ANDRA have a two for one Licence deal - that will allow you to race at any track in the country. As it sits right now, you do require an IHRA licence to race at Perth Motorplex & Willowbank Raceway, and an ANDRA licence to race at Benaraby, Sydney and Calder. Please make sure you hold the appropriate licence before turning up to race.
Please keep in mind that we do need to keep an open mind with regards to classes and competitor numbers we do attract as numbers right across the country in every part of the sport are decreasing. The level of support we still have in the APSA from all over the country is encouraging and welcome - thanks to you and all our supporters.  Please do not always think that trialing or discussing change is a bad thing, as the aim is to make our type of racing sustainable, bigger and more popular - and evolve with the change. We do need to look at where the next level of APSA competitors will come from and it may be very different than the traditional LJ, Capri, ,XY, Mazda. etc.

All we ask from you is to be positive keep on open mind and supportive so we keep growing in popularity and put more rounds on throughout the country for heads up Pro Street Style racing.
Thanks and hope to see you all at Sydney.
Taylor’s Motorsport bags their first TD 5 sec pass.

Taylor’s Motorsport bags their first TD 5 sec pass.

28/02/2016, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 16730072

APSA Outlaw Extreme Rd 1 Calder Park. 
Taylor’s Motorsport bags their first TD 5 sec pass.

If you’re offended by the F bomb don’t watch it.

What a day for this unbelievable team. This team seems to be wound up so tight you get the feeling they’re always on the verge of exploding but when some good comes along the mateship is second to none. 
Rob Taylor picked up his first 5 sec pass on the way to an APSA Outlaw Extreme win over Drago Nikodijevec.

APSA Round 1- Calder Raceway

APSA Round 1- Calder Raceway

07/02/2016, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 16413153

APSA Round 1- Calder Raceway

What a season 2015 was, and 2016 is starting big at Calder Park on 27th Feb..

Entries are due for our Round 1 for 2016, and you can enter online at:

The 2016 Season is quickly upon us and before we know it it will be Finals time again at the end of the season - so pull your finger out and get cracking people!!!

Calder Park recently held a successful Australian Nationals and come up well with several National records and PB's for many. The atmosphere that Calder offers as well as the Melbourne fans that flock to see Drag racing will please many of our members, who got a glimpse of some of our APSA Radial cars at the Australian Nationals as a teaser (they got a standing ovation several times).

All APSA shootout entrants are welcome to run at the Fast Friday street meeting on Friday night to this event which starts at 6pm the night prior and you can also credentialFriday Night to be ready for Saturday race day.

Some racers have been inquiring whether we can have a Test Day on the Friday and ask anyone who is keen to please contact us ASAP to register for this ($550 p/team). All TnT participants will also be able to attend the Fast Friday session (6pm - 10:30pm) for free.  If we can get the required takers we will make this happen, so please send us an email by Monday evening to:, to lock it in.

Just to confirm what dates we have planned for 2016 which are:
  • Round 1 - 27th Feb, Calder Park
  • Round 2 - 9th April, Sydney Dragway
  • Round 3 - 25th June, Willowbank Raceway
  • Round 4 - 3rd Sep, Benaraby Raceway
  • Round 5 - 27th October, Calder Raceway (TBC)
  • APSA Nationals - 3rd Dec, Sydney Dragway
As far as rules go for 2016, we're starting a Facebook group (only members that have raced during the current or past season) discussion on FB to review and make recommendations for the future.  This is happening over the next few days, so expect an invite - plus our new web site should be online this week (what a pain thats been). I often get questions about rules and what rules I am thinking about changing, but have to keep reminding everyone that members that actually race that class are the ones that  need to agree and  make any change via the APSA Committee.

While we are talking about rules, if a modification or item is listed as allowed, not allowed, or the weight for a particular combination as stated on OUR Rules - thats what it is ! (no matter what happens in the USA, for eg). 

Stay safe and run fast, hope to see you all at Calder.
Peter Pisalidis

Is your membership paid up? make sure you dont leave it till November if you want to be in points chase and included in the top ten,
Roll Call Sydney Dragway Grand Finals

Roll Call Sydney Dragway Grand Finals

05/11/2015, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 14552076

APSA Grand Finals


Sydney Raceway 21st Nov, 2015

Entries are well and truly open for the APSA 2015 Grand Finals coming up in a few weeks - please get your entries in ASAP if you havent already:

Please show your support by getting entries in as soon as you can and support this final round of the series.

The Grand Finals are always the most exciting race of the season with most of the classes going right down to the wire and this meeting in particular will decide nearly all of the 2015 Champions.

We just come back from the Inaugural round at Perth Motorplex which was a great success and got the most attention any APSA event has ever had in its history. A big thank you goes out to all those that supported it, including the Top DoorSlammers that put aside their pride and lined up against our APSA members that took the treck across.
The 2016 calendar is just about done with the season kicking off at Calder on Feb 27th, then heading back to Sydney Dragway on 9th April, Willowbank date TBC in May, Benaraby 1st Sep, possible round at Calder again in late October and then the Finals at Sydney December 3rd. This leaves us enough room to add a possible round at Perth.

Quite a few radial racers are inquiring about which tyre they can use in place of the outgoing 315 drag radial.  As the replacement tyre for the 315 radial is not yet available (just got released in the USA) the 10.5x29.5 Pro and Bracket Radial will be allowed for the time being.  Once the new 315 radial is available in Australia we will need to review if the 10.5x29.5 Radial will be allowed from there on.

Please get your entries in for the Grand finals ASAP and spread the word about the meeting..

APSA Willowbank Round 5  is ON!!!

APSA Willowbank Round 5 is ON!!!

16/09/2015, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 13055177

APSA Bonus Round

Willowbank Raceway Oct 3rd, 2015

Entries are well and truly open for the APSA Willowbank Bonus Prizemoney Rnd5 coming up in a few weeks - please get your entries in ASAP if you havent already:

A big thanks to Race Car Engineering, 6Boost, Paramount Performance, Toderellos Fruit Market, Vinyl Wraps & Graphics and KBX Performance as our Official Sponsors for this event - we thank them immensely!!! A special thank you goes out to our Favorite Qld member- Janelle Scott for helping out with everything QLD!!! So please show your support by getting entries in as soon as you can and support them all where you can.

Round 5 is a bonus round in every sense as prizemoney has been "bumped-up", plus a first time ever buy in for a 1shot chance to be crowned Australia's Fastest Radial car.  As we all know its a tuners challenge to make the fastest pass when it counts and its anyone's for the taking!!!  Any radial contender may "buy-in" to this challenge where pairings and run order will be drawn out of a hat, and make one hit to see who runs theFASTEST ! Buy in entries must be in by Friday 2nd, and will be a cash payout on the start line of $5,000 (based on ten entries).

The season is gathering pace very quickly to finish at our season Grand Finals on November 21st at Sydney Dragway. So get ready for a heap of racing, and dont forget the Special appearance round at Perth Motorplex on October 31st which everyone is welcome to. No its not a points round as its been added late in the season, although be a record setting round for all attending.
We've been working on the 2016 calendar and just about there with the re-introduction of APSA racing at Calder Park Raceway, and the finals again in Sydney at the end of the year. We hope to have it finalised by Oct 3rd event.

Please get your entries in for Willowbank ASAP which will be another critical round for all competitors setting everyone up points wise for the there are a few classes up in the air with new entrants coming on late in the season.

Thanks and hope to see you all at Willowbank!.
APSA Test N Tune Action

APSA Test N Tune Action

31/08/2015, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 12634358

APSA Test N Tune Benaraby Raceway

By Mark Humphrey

Benaraby,Qld/Aus. 31st August 2015. The APSA boys were mixing it with the locals getting ready for round 4 of the APSA Pro Shootout Series. Benaraby Raceway had prepped a killer track for the event with plenty of PBS' getting put away during the session.

Outlaw Radial runner Steve Bezzina driving his super quick XY GT Falcon recorded his quickest ever 60 ft time during the Friday night session highlighting the excellent work done by the Benaraby track crew.

Test Session 1

Test Session 2