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Sauber Canadian GP Wrap

Sauber Canadian GP Wrap

10/06/2013, International, Motorsport - Road Racing, Formula 1, Article # 26575


Canadian Grand Prix – Race

09.06.2013 - The Canadian Grand Prix in Montréal is a weekend to forget for the Sauber F1 Team. Neither driver finished the race. Nico Hülkenberg had contact with another competitor when lapping on lap 48, which left him with a flat tyre. Esteban Gutiérrez locked up the front wheels and crashed into the barriers when exiting the pits after his second pit stop on lap 63. 

Weather: sunny, 23-24°C air, 27-33°C track

Nico Hülkenberg: DNF
Sauber C32-Ferrari (Chassis 01/Ferrari 056)
Start on supersoft tyres, after 12 laps change to medium tyres, after 38 laps change to medium tyres, flat tyre on lap 48
 “It’s disappointing to finish a race like this. Lapping can be troublesome, but these guys are racing too and have things happenings in the race, the same as us. I lapped Giedo van der Garde and braked. At first I didn’t feel anything until I came out of the corner and realised the car wasn’t going straight, so we decided to stop. Even after we lost positions at the start of the race, we didn’t really have the pace today. I was fighting for 14th and couldn’t do much more. Of course this is not an ideal way to end a race, but in the end we wouldn’t have gained much more.”

Esteban Gutiérrez: DNF
Sauber C32-Ferrari (Chassis 03/Ferrari 056)
Start on supersoft tyres, after 21 laps change to medium tyres, after 63 laps change to supersoft

“For the entire race the car was difficult to drive, and I was always pushing to the limit. Right from the start everyone was closing in. The first set of tyres was difficult to drive on and a one stop would have been impossible. When I came out from my second pit stop into the fist corner, I went over one of the bumps, the front locked up and I couldn’t stop.”

Monisha Kaltenborn, Team Principal:
“This is a weekend to forget. We knew this track wouldn’t really suit our car. If you have weaknesses on the car in addition to a track that doesn’t suit you, then it’s twice as hard. We have a lot of work to do.”

Tom McCullough, Head of Track Engineering:
“The circuit’s characteristics were going to make it a hard day for our car. Ultimately it was a double DNF, which is very disappointing. On the strategy side we attempted a one stop with Esteban and a two stop with Nico, which was the base strategy today. But ultimately the tyre degradation and  wear were too high for Esteban, so we had to convert to a two stopper late in the race and unfortunately he had the incident exiting the pits. Looking forward to Silverstone, that’s a track that should suit us better. We have to make sure to get the maximum out of our car.”

Canadian Qualifying

Canadian Qualifying

09/06/2013, International, Motorsport - Road Racing, Formula 1, Article # 26186

Canadian Grand Prix – Qualifying

08.06.2013 - It was an electrifying qualifying session at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montréal. Only a few minutes before the start of the session it started to drizzle. All the drivers who decided to go out for a first run on dry tyres quickly had to change to intermediates for the slippery surface of the Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve. The track stayed damp for the remainder of the session. Both Sauber F1 Team drivers made it into Q2, but could not progress from there. It was tough luck for Nico Hülkenberg, as the red flag was waved 200 meters before the finish line on a flying lap that would have brought him into Q3. He ended up P11, while Esteban Gutiérrez qualified 15th. 

Weather: overcast, then light rain 15-16°C air, 14-16°C track

Nico Hülkenberg:
Sauber C32-Ferrari (Chassis 01/Ferrari 056)
Qualifying: 11th in Q2 (1:23.899 / intermediate tyres)
3rd practice: 15th (1:22.021 min / super soft tyres / 14 laps)
“It was really bad luck today. I was on a good lap and could have made Q3, but then the red flag came out 200 meters before the finish line. But I think, after a difficult day yesterday, today we improved quite a bit and P11 is not too bad to start from - it’s close to the points. According to the weather forecast it’s going to be dry and warmer than it has been all weekend. We have to wait and see how competitive we can be.”

Esteban Gutiérrez:

Sauber C32-Ferrari (Chassis 03/Ferrari 056)
Qualifying: 15th in Q2 (1:24.408 min / intermediate tyres)
3rd practice: 16th (1:22.720 min / super sift tyres / 15 laps)
“The conditions today were very tricky. I was trying to find the limit of the car, and getting grip was difficult. A red flag interrupted Q2, and then it was quite a challenge to put a lap together. Although FP3 was shortened, we were able to get an idea of what would be possible in qualifying. We are pushing the window to the top ten and we need to keep fighting for Q3. For the race tomorrow we are not sure about the weather, but I suppose it’s going to be dry. This can be good for us, because we decided on a low downforce set-up. Hopefully this will help us to overtake.”

Monisha Kaltenborn, Team Principal:
“It was an exciting qualifying. The team improved significantly compared to yesterday. The fact that Nico didn’t make it into Q3 was tough luck. From where we are now, we have a good base for the race tomorrow and points should be possible.”

Tom McCullough, Head of Track Engineering:
“After a difficult Friday we got a lot more out of the car today, and the drivers handled the difficult qualifying conditions very well. Ultimately Nico was unlucky with his final lap before the red flag. He had completed the final corner and was on the way to the line when the red flag came out. His lap time would have taken him easily through to Q3. That’s a bit disappointing, but from P11 and P15 we can still score points on a track like this. The car should be strong tomorrow in the race.”


Sauber Bahrain Preview

Sauber Bahrain Preview

15/04/2013, International, Motorsport - Road Racing, Formula 1, Article # 2895

Preview - 2013 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix

15.04.2013 - Manama / Hinwil, 15 May 2013 - Directly after the Chinese Grand Prix broke the Sauber F1 Team on the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix, in which once again the heat will play a crucial role. The race last weekend in Shanghai brought mixed feelings for the Swiss team. Although Nico Hulkenberg could enter a World Championship point, a certain amount of disappointment remained. For a long time it had seemed for a better result. Still, it was a positive weekend for the team, because it was possible to make technically a step forward.Esteban Gutiérrez has to take the race in Bahrain with a transfer back five places on the grid in attack, but that does not change his motivation after his accident in Shanghai. 

4 Round of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship, 19th to 21 April 2013 Nico Hulkenberg (Car Number 11): "I am looking forward to the race in Bahrain. There I am my first Formula 1 Grand Prix driven 2010. I like the track well, and the mood in the paddock is always something very special, like a 1000 and one-night atmosphere. In addition to the high temperatures, the brakes are vital because you several times per round runs over 300 km / h and then have to brake very hard on the curves. It is the usual balancing act between downforce and high speed. " Esteban Gutierrez (Car Number 12):"The Grand Prix of China ended for me in a huge disappointment. I made ​​a mistake made, is not only finished my race was, but I was


also punished with a transfer back five places. This makes the race in Bahrain, of course not simple, but that does not change my motivation.I will fight and make the best of this situation. But this weekend, China also had positive aspects. The technical measures, which had initiated the engineers, resulted in a significant improvement. Bahrain is another hot station in the calendar. While it is not as humid as in Malaysia, but you have to be in shape to withstand the heat during the race may well. I know the track in Bahrain from GP2-time and find that it's an interesting course with some very challenging corners. The track is very challenging, especially for the tires, and I am happy to drive there in a Formula 1 car. " Tom McCullough, Chief of Track Engineering: "Viewed from the technical side, the race weekend was successful in China for our team. The measures we have taken, were effective, we can build on now. The track in Bahrain consists mainly of long degrees and slow to medium speed corners. The aerodynamic efficiency and a strong performance in the slower sections of the track, as well as good traction are critical factors. For the brakes, the price is also very challenging. The track is in the middle of the desert, and when the wind is up, the asphalt is often dusty. The weather is usually dry and the temperatures are high, which has considerable influence on the cooling and tire management. Pirelli therefore represents the hard and medium compound tire available. "

Chinese Grand Prix Sauber

Chinese Grand Prix Sauber

14/04/2013, International, Motorsport - Road Racing, Formula 1, Article # 2678

14.04.2013 - The Sauber F1 Team driver Nico Hulkenberg took in the Chinese Grand Prix in tenth place, and thus drove a point in the Megametroploe of Shanghai. During the first three stints he drove a strong race, he lost ground in the last section. The engineers will now analyze the data carefully to understand the reason. Esteban Gutierrez had a good start. In round five, however, he lost during braking control of his car and drove into the back of Adrian Sutil. 

Weather: sunny and dry, 28-18 ° C air, 42-26 ° C track Nico Hulkenberg: 10 Departed on the middle-compound tire replaced after 14 laps on the medium compound tire replaced after 29 laps on the soft tire compound, after 36 rounds on medium tires changed Sauber C32-Ferrari (Chassis 01/Ferrari 056) "It was a mixed race with mixed emotions. Of course it was very nice to run back and forth to contend with the top teams. I had a decent start and a few nice fights in the first few rounds. I was able to gain some positions, but towards the end of the race we lost a bit of performance. When you have the lead or second is, understandably, one hopes for more. Nevertheless, might have also be a false picture, because we went outside the sequence of the other pilots who had started on the soft tires. But anyway, it was a pretty good race. I do not think the two situations that I had in the pit lane, have decided victory or defeat. " Esteban Gutierrez has not finished the race Sauber C32-Ferrari (Chassis 03/Ferrari 056) started on the soft tire compound "I had a good start and a good first lap. At the





Point of the race when the accident happened, we were quick to keep up with the front group. Just before the long straight struggled Checo (Perez) behind me, and I'm going too fast into a curve. I braked at the point where I usually also brake, but I have the loss of output and the speed that I had underestimated. I tried my best to slow down, but without success. It was definitely my fault, and I apologize to Adrian (Sutil) and his team. It is not a good feeling to finish a race like that, but we improved in the course of the weekend and will continue to fight. " Monisha Kaltenborn, team manager: "If you take into account how the race for Nico is gone, we are still somewhat disappointed because we felt that there was actually more. We need to investigate why the performance of the car was finally not as good as expected. Esteban had a very good start, but then lost in round five when braking control of his car, which put an end to his race. He also lost the possibilities that would have offered safe during the race. For us as a team it is important to see that the technical measures we have taken in terms of this race have taken. We now know that this is the right direction in which we need to work on. " Tom McCullough, chief engineer at the track : "After a strong first round Esteban's race ended on lap five. Nico's pace during the first three stints was very strong. In the last stint we were not as fast as we wanted to be and ended up in tenth place. Once we get the car back, we will check the reason. We are looking forward to the race in Bahrain next weekend. "