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Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club - Supervets

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club - Supervets

25/11/2015, Geelong, Cycling , Geelong and Surf Coast Cycling Club, Article # 15038693
       Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club - Supervets
On Wednesday November 25 Supervets raced a three lap handicap event at Paraparap.  A field of 19 riders competed under warm and very blustery conditions.  Apart from the first circuit the remainder of the race saw the riders buffeted from all sides of the course.  Limit riders Ken Mansfield and Dale Jennings led the field away with a gap of 22 minutes to the scratch bunch.  Kent Fuller followed in 7 minutes then Don Wilson, Murray Riggs and Bob Osborne from 12 minutes.  The 12 and 15 minute mid-markers had a chase on their hands as many of the in-form riders were in the out-marker groups.  David Pike, Carl Judd and Peter Ladd from scratch had a 3.30 minute gap to make up and Laurie Fitzsimons was not going to allow that to happen and in the final lap broke away from Tom Gray and Tina Stenos.  Meanwhile Ray Clifford was making ground on the front-markers and Don Wilson, Bob Osborne and Richard Buckwell were offering support.  David Pike having teamed with Peter Ladd found the race to his liking and a final effort from him almost clinched success.  Laurie Fitzsimons proved too strong and once again showed clear wheels to the remaining field running over the line well clear of Ray Clifford and David Pike.  A good final lap from Dale Jennings secured him fifth place.
Results:  1.  L Fitzsimons,  2.  R Clifford,  3.  D Pike,  4.  D Wilson,  5.  D Jennings,  6.  T Gray,  7.  T Stenos,  8.  J Watson.
Fastest time:  D Pike - 1.06.23.  Winner's time:  L Fitzsimons - 1.28.11.
Next week's race will be a three lap handicap event.
Entries by 9.30 please.
John Watson
Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club

04/11/2015, Geelong, Cycling , Geelong and Surf Coast Cycling Club, Article # 14513459
             Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club
The Geelong and Surf Coast Cycling Club held a Melbourne Cup on Wheels to celebrate the occasion.  It was hosted by the GSCC Supervets in place of their usual weekly event.  A strong field of 55 riders included some outstanding veterans from other clubs as well as the strongest from our local area.  The weather was perfect with a light breeze from the south-east.  The race was led away by the 27 minute pair of Dale Jennings and Ken Mansfield followed 9 minutes later by Mel Cole, Ken Fuller and John Randall.  Much of the early pace was set by the 11 and 14 minute bunches who formed a strong group early in the second lap.  Ray Clifford, Alan Pescott, John Bell and Mel White contributed to the pursuit of the limit riders with Mel White from the 18 minute group able to withstand the attacks and feature in the finish.  Meanwhile the 3, 5 and 8 minute bunches were fighting out the middle ground and the hot pace proved too fast for some.  The scratch and 1.3 minute riders led by Rick Buckwell were making up the time gap in the final lap.  However, the strength of the middle-markers prevailed on the day and Alan Pescott, Ray Clifford and John Bell took the honours having driven the pace from the early stages of the race.  The weather conditions favoured a fast race and this proved to be the case with Rick Buckwell taking out fastest time.
Results:  1.  A Pescott,  2.  R Clifford,  3.  J Bell,  4.  T Spark,  5.  J Clifton,  6.  M White,  7.  C Shay,  8.  J Robinson,  9.  P Bubb,  10.  M Cole.
Fastest time:  R Buckwell - 56.57.  Winner's time:  A Pescott - 1.07.10.
Next week's race will be a three lap handicap event.  Entries by 9.30 please.
TCA Partners Handicap 4th October 2015

TCA Partners Handicap 4th October 2015

05/10/2015, Geelong, Cycling , Geelong and Surf Coast Cycling Club, Article # 13577356

      Geelong and Surfcoast Cycling Club

TCA Partners Handicap 4th October 2015

Fantastic weather greeted those 38 cyclists who remembered to adjust their alarm clocks and get out of bed in time for GSCC's TCA Partners 4 lap handicap race.

Brian Long and Don Stuart peddled off the line on the limit mark of 35 minutes.  Brian is still going strong and will celebrate his 83rd birthday this week.  Congratulations.  As an early birthday present Robbo gave limit a 21 minute head start on the next group.

It was the 10:30 group of Paul Bird, Darren Williams, Jamie Robinson, Peter McDonough, Johnny Parrello, Grant Rogers and James Stuart that made the early running, catching Longy and Don and the 14:00 group which included big guns John Bell and Dennis Sonogan.  They hit the front with a lap to go but could see a few groups behind as they crested the rise on Forrest Road for the last time.
Meanwhile at the back of the race, the Scratch group had there heads down and were rewarded by their hard work when after 2 laps they had closed to about a minute behind second scratch, who in turn had closed to a similar distance behind 3rd scratch.  Unfortunately a lap later as scratch got the bell the gap was still significant.  3rd scratch with Kane Airey, Darryl Suter, Jim Knott, Ian Amsden, Peter Ladd ,Chris Fenech and Dave Spence were still flying hitting mid to high 40's as they screamed down Grays Road.

Scratch were still working with great cohesion with a few massive turns being put in by trial rider Jock Hughson, backed up by Dave Warren and Andy Baker.  Still as we surged up Hendry's Road it was touch and go if we could catch Jeff Miller, Josh Williams Harvey Lang and the rest of the guys in second scratch.  A great effort considering they dropped one of their group on the first lap.

Turning up misery lane for the last time the race consisted of three distinct groups all within 400m of each other.  I guess the rise and the headwind finally took its toll and with 2km to go all the groups came together.  Unfortunately in a scene reminiscent of Monday morning on the West Gate Bridge, a few cars decided to join us.  We had cars overtaking us and having to merge with 30 odd sweating and exhausted cyclists on their limit as opposite direction traffic came past.  Thankfully there were no incidents and we approached  Larcombes Road as one.  Richard Lyle jumped on the front and put some hurt on the rest of us.  New member Craig Hannah then took over as we straightened up on Larcombes Road.  It was pretty cagey from that point on with no one willing to have a crack. Josh Williams went early the Daryl Suter and Dave Warren sensed their chance and surged to the front with 2-300 metres to run and opened a significant gap.  The pack sprinted but too late and Daryl held on to win from Brad Haskett, Jock Hughson with Dave Warren hanging on to fourth.  It was a massive effort by Daryl and while I was disappointed to be beaten, it was gratifying to see him coughing up his lungs as I caught up with him past the finish.

Thanks to Dave Robinson for handicapping a close race and our marshals, Roger Cronk, David Pike, Marcus Coppock, Peter Wynne and  referee Terry Robinson.

By Brad Haskett.

1: Daryl Suter (5.00) Ave Speed, 36.7km/h
2: Brad Haskett. Fastest time 1:14:55 Ave speed 39.1km/h
3: Dave Warren (scratch)
4: Andy Baker (scratch)
5: Kane Airey (5:00)
6: Jeff Miller (3:00)
7: Jim Knott (5:00)
8: Richard Lyle (scratch)

9: Harvey Lang (3:00)
10: Ian Amsden (5:00)

Well done to the trial riders Jock Hughson and Mal Cole, welcome to new member Craig Hannah and welcome back to Andrew Read after his hip operation in the middle of the year. Thanks again to TCA Partners for their support in first aid training

Next week: Thursday Night Criterium races start at Belmont 6pm. Colac Red Rock at Cororook 10am Start.



 Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club - Supervets

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club - Supervets

30/09/2015, Geelong, Cycling , Geelong and Surf Coast Cycling Club, Article # 13444131
 Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club - Supervets
On Wednesday September 30, 21 Supervets raced over the three lap circuit at Paraparap under near to ideal conditions.  The weather was fine and cool with a slight south-west wind.  Kent Fuller and Ken Mansfield had a 21 minute gap to scratch and worked together to maintain a decent gap for two laps.  However, the three, five and nine minute chasers were all working with a common interest to unite and maintain a gap to the back-markers.  This was achieved in part for a short time and the pace saw the demise of several riders.  This week scratch worked well as a bunch and together with Laurie Fitzsimons and Gordon Spargo worked their way through the field up misery lane.  David Pike conserved his energy until the last and ran out a clear winner on the day including the achievement of fastest time.  Once again we should highlight some very strong rides from Roger Cronk, Laurie Fitzsimons and a solid performance from Tony Spark, Barry Primmer and Ray Hodgson.  They fought hard at the finish and showed the necessary form to finish in the top eight. 
Results:  1.  D Pike,  2.  L Fitzsimons,  3.  G Spargo,  4.  T Spark,  5.  R Cronk,  6.  B Primmer,  7.  D Sonogan,  8.  R Hodgson.
Fastest time:  D Pike - 1.03.52.
Next week's race will be a time trial over two laps of the Paraparap circuit.  Entries by 9.30 please.
Seniors Week - On October 14 from 9.30 am the Supervets will conduct a variety of cycling events at the Barwon Valley Cycling venue.  It will include a barbeque and an opportunity to meet like-minded cyclists.  It will also be a chance to enjoy the company of other over light refreshments and a ride on the track.l
John Watson
 Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club - Supervets

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club - Supervets

24/09/2015, Geelong, Cycling , Geelong and Surf Coast Cycling Club, Article # 13280191
      Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club - Supervets
By John Watson
On Wednesday September 23, 25 keen riders took to the Paraparap circuit for a three lap handicap event in fine weather but quite a strong breeze from the south, altering the usual race parameters.  Leading the way were Kent Fuller, Dale Jennings and Ken Mansfield.  They had a 25 minute gap to scratch.  It was very pleasing to see so many out-markers competing bolstering up the front of the field and presenting a real challenge for the back-markers.  There were three strong chasing groups mainly the five, eight and eleven minute bunches.  The scratch and two minute bunches comprised six very strong riders who on the day were up to the challenge and did not disappoint.  David Pike, Roger Cronk and Rob Nicholls joined Terry Collie, Peter McWaters and Tina Stenos who led the way through the field.  The eight, eleven and thirteen minute groups were making good time but were not coming together and in the third lap were over taken by the chasers.  Meanwhile the leaders of the day were Kent Fuller and Ken Mansfield.  These two were in front for the entire race and remained unchallenged.  Kent ran over the line ahead of Ken from David Pike in third place.  Five riders followed close on the heels of the place-getters and fine rides were recorded for Tina Stenos and Roger Cronk.
Results:  1.  K Fuller,  2.  K Mansfield,  3.  D Pike,  4.  T Collie,  5.  R Cronk,  6.  B Clay,  7.  P McWaters,  8.  T Stenos.
Fastest time:  D Pike - 1.02.48,  Winner's time - 1.26.14.
Next week's race will be three lap handicap event.  Entries by 9.30 please.
Geelong Vets Cycling

Geelong Vets Cycling

21/09/2015, Geelong, Cycling , Geelong and Surf Coast Cycling Club, Article # 13198727

          Geelong Vets Cycling

On Sunday September 20 thirty seven riders set out on the Infosync 63 kilometre handicap race in absolutely perfect conditions at Paraparap. Mid teens temperature and a light westerly wind greeted Brian Long the lone limit rider as he set out on the journey around three laps of the Hendy Main road circuit and a trip out Forest road finishing in Larcombes road south of Forest road. Brian had more than a lap head start on the 13 minute bunch who were the powerhouse of the day. This group of Darren Williams, Robin Smith, Gerard Mullaly, Brian Weppner, Paul Bird, Joe Gulino and Mandy Hosking lost Joe with a mechanical on the Forest road hill and swapping smooth turns caught the sixteen and a half minute bunch on the third lap to form the winning group, with Barry Clay, James Stuart, Grant Rogers and Dave Phillips joining in.

At the turnaround in Forest road the scratch group of Rick Buckwell, Anthony Seipolt and Andrew Baker had reeled in the three, six and ten minutes groups but were still more than six minutes behind the 13 minute bunch who were leading the charge home. The scratch group only failed by one and three quarter minutes to catch the winner, Brian Weppner who put in a strong sprint to hold out Darren and Mandy. Fastest time was taken out by Anthony Seipolt who 100 metres from the line sprinted over the deflated Rick Buckwell (soft punctured front tyre).
Result: 1. D Weppner 1:48:11 Ave 34.9 km/hr, 2. D.Williams, 3. M.Hosking, 4. B.Clay, 5. J.Stuart, 6. G.Mullaly, 7. D.Phillips, 8. P.Bird, 9. R.Smith, 10. G.Rogers.
Fastest time A. Seipolt 1:36:56 Ave 39.0 km/hr.  
GSCC handicap, 2015 KVA Design Winter sash race 48km

GSCC handicap, 2015 KVA Design Winter sash race 48km

24/08/2015, Geelong, Cycling , Geelong and Surf Coast Cycling Club, Article # 12456361

GSCC handicap, 2015 KVA Design Winter sash race 48km

Second limit riders escape to take a great win.

By Kane Airey

A grand field of 49 riders turned up for a cool wintry race for the second year of the KVA Design 

winter sash race and also with Rory Wilson in attendance to say thanks for the clubs fundraising 

efforts from last year. The course for the day was Blackgate Rd, Forest Rd the around the lap and 

finish at Larcombes Rd, with 8 bunches spread across 30 Minutes.

The Limit riders Brian Long and Alan Sandford set off up Blackgate Rd with a great deal of tough work 

in front of them as a decent westerly was setting in for the day, they had a ten minute head start on 

the second limit roup of Colin Hooper, Ross West, David Phillips, Gordon Spargo and Daryl Peterson, 

this group was the group to catch today.  Then followed by the next six groups ranging from 5 to 8 

riders in each bunch with the very determined scratch bunch of Nathan Ashton, Richard Buckwell, 

Brad Haskett, Matt McDonough, Paul Beretta, Andrew Baker and Gary Wearmouth who were all very 

keen to keep the good winter results continuing for the scratch riders.

The second limit group started well but progressively split up as soon as they turned back into the 

wind in Blackgate Rd losing a few riders along the way to Forest Rd. Colin and Gordon who started 

doing 30 second track turns were the strongest of the group and were the only ones left, they were at 

the front of the field along Forest Road. Most of the middle marker groups were staying together 

through the middle of the race with a couple of flats and stragglers being dropped from their 

respective groups. The scratch bunch started fast with first 15 minutes being quite hectic Brad, Gary 

and Nathan doing a lot of hard turns. They were held up for about 30 seconds at the Blackgate turn 

around waiting for a car!

The scratch group kept charging up the road and caught the second scratch group of David Warren, 

Andrew Goodwin, Harvey Lang,  Josh Williams who was promoted after his last win a couple of 

weeks ago and was riding really well,  with Steve Young hanging on. These guys got in and were 

doing turns with the  scratch group making it a very big group of strong riders.  They kept picking off 

groups along Forest Rd and Hendy Main Rd in front of them and were looking good for the lead of the 

race except Colin and Gordon were still riding very well with a very good lead of 2minutes 30 seconds 

with 20km still to go to the next bunch.

The large scratch group with a few sitting on caught the last main group at the club room corner, and 

with the leading two in the distance up Hendy Main Road riding into the wind for the last time. Then 

Andrew Goodwin decided to attack! with no one chasing straight away for a few hundred metres,  the 

scratch riders got serious and put the peddle down dropping a lot of riders with most of the second 

scratch riders hanging on and Daryl Suter from third scratch doing a great job with the pressure on 

while the final efforts and chase where on.

Colin was running out of legs into the wind and told Gordon to go for it if he could which Gordon did  

and gapped Colin by 400 metres to take a impressive win doing a lot of work for the whole race with 

Colin finish an excellent second. The scratch group picked up the pace into Larcombes Road for the 

sprint for 3rd and fastest time, Gary Wearmouth proved too strong again in the sprint winning by a two 

bike lengths. Well done to all and thanks to all the helpers on the day. If scratch weren't held up 

earlier in the race they may had ridden through the field. Gordon was very happy with the win and 

with his first sash from road cycling racing.

Afterward we had a good bite to eat a with the usual banter and chat about the race. Rory Wilson was 

very glad to attend and said thanks to the club for our fundraising efforts of last year. Rory then went 

on to explain his focus of improving road safety within our region and with the Bike Safe Geelong.  All 

the place getters then very generously donated all their prize money to Bike Safe Geelong to the 

value of $400, well done to you all.


1st Gordon Spargo (20min 1:38:59), 2nd Colin Hooper (20min), 3rd Gary Wearmouth (scr), 4th 

Matthew McDonough (scr), 5th Brad Heskett (scr), 6th Daryl Suter (5.30), 7th David Warren (2.30), 

8th Andrew Goodwin (scr) 9th Harvey Lang (2.30) 10th Josh Williams (2.30) Fastest time Gary 

Wearmouth (1:10:32, 41.08km/h)

 Geelong & Surf  Coast Cycling Club - Supervets

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club - Supervets

20/08/2015, Geelong, Cycling , Geelong and Surf Coast Cycling Club, Article # 12347387
     Geelong & Surf  Coast Cycling Club - Supervets
It was pleasing to see a strong field of riders participating in the three lap Memorial Handicap Trophy event at Paraparap on Wednesday August 19.  22 riders participated under near perfect winter conditions.  Limit riders Kent Fuller, Dale Jennings and Brian Long led the field away.  They had 20 minute break on scratch and 7 minutes to the following bunch.  Scratch riders Carl Judd, David Pike and Peter Ladd gave the evergreens Rob Nicholls and Bill McConnell a one minute break and boy did they make the most of this advantage.  The 13 minute  group of Barry Primmer, John Watson and John Faulkner were working very hard to bridge the gap to limit and achieved this in the middle of the third lap.  Soon after they were joined by remnants of the 10 minute trio of Ross West, John Bell and Terry Robinson.  John Bell proved to be the stronger rider and broke away several times on Misery Lane only to be pinned back to the bunch before entering the straight.  Barry Primmer was manoeuvring into a favourable position and proved too strong for the competing riders.  He won clearly from John Bell and Brian Long.  We can do well to remember a fine performance from Rob Nicholls and Bill McConnell who successfully kept the scratch riders at bay for the entire race.  As a result Rob was rewarded the fastest time of 1.03.00 while breathing down the necks of the leaders.
Results:  1.  B Primmer,  2.  J Bell,  3.  B Long,  4.  J Watson,  5.  R West,  6.  R Nicholls,  7.  B McConnell,  8.  T Collie.
Fastest time:  R Nicholls - 1.03.00.
Winners time:  1.14.00
Next week's race will be a three lap handicap event.  Entries by 9.30 please.
John Watson
Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club

17/08/2015, Geelong, Cycling , Geelong and Surf Coast Cycling Club, Article # 12264733

  Geelong Vets Cycling

By Paul Bird

With many riders away at the state time trial championships at Avenel 23, riders raced over 51km in four scratch races at Paraparap on Sunday August 16th.

The race took riders out and back both Forest and Nobles roads finishing in Larcombes road after a lap of the Hendy Main road circuit. The races began in cold but sunny conditions with a strengthening north westerly wind. A and B grades began together as there were only three A grade riders. This meant a tough and fast ride for B grade. C grade lost only one rider for a sprint finish. D grade was blown apart as the wind strengthened with only two riders contesting for the win.
A Grade: R. Buckwell D.McCallum A.French
B Grade: S.Young D.Spence V.Mason
C Grade: P.Bird F.Grifo (Northern) B.Wepner
D Grade: C.Shay P.Bubb D.Phillips