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The Weekly Round Up – Qualifying Finals Edition

The Weekly Round Up – Qualifying Finals Edition

21/08/2018, New South Wales, Rugby, Shute Shield Rugby, Article # 27546767

The Weekly Round Up

By Club Captain, Tommy Evans


With five teams competing in finals matches, over two days, across four different venues, plus a Bledisloe and women’s’ 7 tournament in there for good measure, it definitely was a jam-packed weekend of rugby.


The Brotherhood had a solid week of preparation and were quietly confident coming into this weekend’s match against Sydney Uni. We certainly have some history with these blokes in recent years… In 2016 they beat us in the semis and in 2017 they beat us in the grand final. We’re finally starting to play some decent football and we weren’t going to let these blokes end our season prematurely.

The game was played at a furious pace, with both teams firing shots without much scoreboard success. Some lovely kicking from flyhalf Jack Rixon kept turning them back downfield, helping us win the territory battle for the majority of the first half. Will Weeks was everywhere at hooker, whacking anyone in a blue and yellow jersey while also getting the ball in his hands as often as possible. Late in the first half, he popped a lovely offload in contact to Henry Mikkelson who crashed over to score, putting us 8-5 in front at halftime.

The second half saw Uni knock over a couple of penalty goals to hold a skinny lead coming into the final minutes of the game. Replacement flyhalf, Mike Cross, came on and despite being told to play it safe, immediately started throwing triple cut-out passes. After being awarded a full-arm penalty right on the death, Crossy punted it out, inches from the corner post. Several phases later, Ben Martin crashed over the tryline carrying 15 Uni blokes with him to score the match winner! Just as the ref confirmed the try with a sharp blow of the whistle, the full-time siren rung through North Sydney Oval. We live to fight on another week!

Norths 15 (Tries: #18 Henry NightGame, #8 Ben Martin; Goals: #12 Jack Burey, #24 Mike Cross), Uni 11



In rather unorthodox circumstances, threes played a day before fourth grade. Kicking off at 9:30 at Rat Park on Saturday morning, there was an optimistic feeling around the ground that perhaps they might just win this match… in unorthodox circumstances.

Right from the get-go, you could see the intent was there from our boys. Watching the game, you would not believe that this was 1st place vs 6th place. Our piggies carried the ball hard, winning the collisions and getting over the gain line, while our backs constantly threatened Warringah’s defence. It was a bit of a tit-for-tat affair until the final ten minutes when the Rats scored a couple of opportunistic tries to take a 29-19 lead.

With three minutes left on the clock, you’d forgive even the most faithful red and black supporter for thinking that the season was nearly over for our lads. Well, nobody told the players that and they managed to score a ripper of a try thanks to some enterprising play by the outside backs. Taking a quick conversion and running back to halfway, the crowd started roaring and the energy was infectious. The forwards took hit-up after hit-up, with Paddy Olver and Harry Lind leading the charge like madmen. The siren sounded across the ground, however, our guys stuck to their processes and kept edging up the field. Five minutes and about 9,000 phases later, Joe Williams ran onto a short ball and pumped his legs all the way to the try line. Both Norths players and supporters alike went absolutely crazy.

It was one of the most exciting finishes I’ve witnessed and even more satisfying considering third grade have lost numerous games this season in the last few minutes. I needed a beer after watching it just to settle the nerves!

Norths 33 (Tries: #14 Bill Freeman 2, #2 Olly Stump, #20 Harry Lind, #13 Joe Williams; Goals: #10 Josh Smith 4), Warringah 29



From Rat Park we travelled over the bridge to Sydney Uni, where our twos were fighting it out against the Students for a place in the semis. They didn’t muck around, getting on the scoreboard early thanks to a handy try to Reece Mau’u.

Things went downhill pretty quickly from there though, with the boys finding themselves down 31-10 just before halftime. Despite Joe Dawson being given a handful of shaved cheddar for dissent, the morale remained high with Jordan Heyer and Daniel Albert repeatedly throwing themselves at the opposition defence.

After Angelo’s late try, everyone grouped together in a huddle on halfway. Captain Daniel Murray pulled the troops in and told them how they should be inspired by third grade’s come-from-behind victory earlier that day. Everyone looked at each other in the huddle and said “we can do it too!” After a rousing, “NORTHS ON THREE”, the team turned around to see the ref blow the fulltime whistle.

Norths 30 (Tries: #13 Reece Mau’u, #15 Harry Cudmore 2, #14 Daniel Albert, #10 Josh Kay, #22 Angelo Leaupepe), Sydney Uni 58


With some cracking after the bell wins to our 3s and 4s, I think we were all hoping for 1s to have the win well and truly tied up by fulltime. The fourth-grade finish nearly killed some of our older fans and something similar in first grade would almost certainly detonate a few coronary arteries around North Sydney Oval.

Mitchell Roy Magrath was having a great weekend. Leading from the front in third grade’s famous win, he was the first one to arrive at Sydney Uni to back up and help second grade’s cause. After a few well-earned beers that evening, he revelled on the hill during fourth grade on Sunday morning. Squawking loudly during Uni’s conversion attempts and enjoying a couple of recovery ciders, you couldn’t wipe the smile off his face as he basked in the warm late-Autumn sun. Following fours, he decided that he’d go home for a nap before treating himself to a spicy beef vindaloo. In a bizarre turn of events, reminiscent of Adam Ashley-Coopers Wallaby debut, he received a phone call from Shannon Fraser moments into his lunch. Joshua Noonan’s ankle had pulled up crook in the warm-up and the team needed him. A proud clubman, Screech quickly finished his curry aer before getting to the ground just in time for the second half.

Eastwood certainly fronted up, desperate to rectify last year’s semi-final result at the same venue. While Richie Woolf’s been stealing all the limelight in recent weeks, Lochie Creagh got back to outscoring him, even on one ankle. Fuming at the lack of ball given to him, Woolfy decided to take matters into his own hands. After watching the pigs pick and drive all day, he screamed, “ Ezra, THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE MATE” before scooping up the ball and driving his legs into contact for 40 metres. It was a breathtaking display of both rugby nous and lower body strength.

The boys came away with another famous win over the Woods to secure a home semi-final for the club. Lawrance Hunting would have been very proud.

Norths 16 (Tries: #11 Lochie Creagh, #9 Nicholas James Duffy; Goals: #15 Sam William Giltrap), Eastwood 10



Second grade were the only colts team through to the finals, drawing an undefeated Randwick at Coogee Oval. Despite the drubbing the week earlier, the lads fronted up and threw everything they had at the Wicks. Paddy Dalton and Charlie Beatty were standouts, while Sam Ryan had a blinder from fullback. While they went into the halftime break only trailing by two points, unfortunately, the class of Randwick shone through at the back end of the match to give them the win. Choss effort, boys.

Norths 10 (Tries: #7 Paddy Dalton; Goals: #10 Max McMinn 2), Randwick 59

WOMEN’S’ 7s:

Our ladies played in another tournament, but this time they had to travel all the way to a South East Sydney. Each venue has been getting further and further away recently.

As a change of pace, Michael Smith stepped in as coach and took it upon himself to be the “fun one”- a character his colts are still yet to see. He brought with him lots of snacks, music and even his dog! But most importantly, he brought that trademark smile of his.

The girls had a decent hit-out, putting together some brilliant plays that have come as a result of their hard work at training all year. A special mention must go to their latest recruit, Daisy, who before this weekend had never played rugby before. From what I hear, she’s as quick as lightning but was so afraid of getting tackled that she literally ran for her life every time she got the ball. This tactic worked in her favour as she scored a couple of cracking tries as a result!


3rd grade. One of the most exciting and satisfying wins I’ve seen. Well deserved.


Oscar Doughty, 4th grade. Was instrumental in the final stanza of 3rd grade to help get them the win, and then put in a man-of-the-match performance the following day for the Brotherhood.



Three Norths teams all at home this weekend fighting for their place in the Grand Final. Does it get any better than that?! If you have Sunday plans, cancel them and make sure you’re there from 10am when the Brotherhood kick-off proceedings. Wear plenty of red and black and buckle in for a big day at North Sydney Oval!


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SF Week 2 Game Times

SF Week 2 Game Times

20/08/2018, New South Wales, Rugby, Shute Shield Rugby, Article # 27540454


 Northern Suburbs, Games Times, Sunday, August 19th

Grade                   Opposition                     Time                         Venue

4th Grade            Eastwood                       10:15am            North Sydney Oval 

3rd Grade            Sydney University      11:40am            North Sydney Oval

1st Grade             Warringah                      3:10pm             North Sydney Oval 


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QF Week 1 Results

QF Week 1 Results

20/08/2018, New South Wales, Rugby, Shute Shield Rugby, Article # 27539893

Qualifying Finals Week 1, Results


4th Grade – Northern Suburbs 15 def Sydney University 11

3rd Grade – Nothern Suburbs 33 def Warringah 29

2nd Grade – Sydney University 58 def Nothern Suburbs 30

1st Grade – Northern Suburbs 16 def Eastwood 10 

2nd Colts – Randwick 59 def Northern Suburbs 10



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QF Team Lists

QF Team Lists

17/08/2018, New South Wales, Rugby, Shute Shield Rugby, Article # 27520705

Qualifying Finals  | Saturday & Sunday, August 18th, 19th

Northern Suburbs

3rd Grade @ Rat Park, Saturday 9:30am

2nd Grade @ Sydney University, Saturday  1:15pm

1st & 4th Grade @ North Sydney Oval, Sunday 

2nd Colts @ Coogee Oval, Saturday


Qualifying Finals  – Saturday & Sunday, August 18th 19th, 2018 
1st Grade – 3:10pm – North Sydney Oval    2nd Grade – 1:15pm – Sydney Uni   3rd Grade – 9:30am – Rat Park  4th Grade – 10:15am – NSO
1 Ezra Luxton 1 Daniel Murray 1 Dylan Santone 1 James Knight
2 Sam Kitchen 2 Duarte Diniz 2 Oliver Stump 2 Will Weeks
3 Daniel Solofa 3 Max Ma’a 3 Jow Dawson 3 Tyler Key
4 Connor Vest 4 Declan Carroll 4 Hamish Sinclair 4 Jack Davies
5 Hugh Sinclair 5 Leon Akopian 5 Matt White 5 Henry Mikkelson
6  Taylor Francis 6 George Murrin 6 Patrick Olver 6 Oscar Doherty
7 Will Miller 7 Tom Mencinsky 7 Fergus Bragg 7 Harry Lind
8 Gary Bautz 8 Matthew Marley 8 James Wivell 8 Ben Martin
9 Nick Duffy 9 Josh Noonan 9 Mitch McGrath 9 Dom Longhurst
10 Harry Burey 10 Josh Kay 10 Josh Smith 10  Jack Rixon
11 Lochie Creagh 11 Angleo Leaupepe 11 Dom Naylor 11 Harry Merriman
12 Irae Simone 12 Jordy Heyer 12 Jayden Stokes 12 Jack Burey
13 Cam Clark 13 Reece Mau’u 13 Joe Williams 13 Mitch Kay
14 Richard Woolf 14 Daniel Heip 14 Bil Freeman 14 Patrick Nakken
15 Sam Giltrap 15 Harry Cudmore 15  Lachlan Rosengreen 15 Andrew Woods
Res.  JP Sauni Res Res. Res.
Res. Res. Res. Res.


2nd Colts – 12 noon Coogee Oval
1 Harvey Lawler
2 Ben Furby (vc)
3 Maclean Dombkins
4 Tom Beaumont
5 Ollie Hannell
6 Charlie Beatty
7 Paddy Dalton
8 Cody Edstein- Boyes
9 Josh Lo (vc)
10 Max McMinn
11 Tristan Leffers
12 Luke Spencer
13 Simione Kauvesi
14 Dele Lokotui
15 Sam Ryan (c)


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The Weekly Round Up – Round 18

The Weekly Round Up – Round 18

16/08/2018, New South Wales, Rugby, Shute Shield Rugby, Article # 27515880

The Weekly Round Up

By Club Captain, Tommy Evans

What a glorious day to be playing rugby Saturday was. With the mercury tipping 25 degrees, half the fans on the hill weren’t even there to watch the rugby. The several hundred sunbakers certainly added to the atmosphere at the ground which was fantastic. Being the last round before finals, all teams were ready for a big hit-out against the Wicks.



The Brotherhood match was special for a couple of reasons. Firstly, two of our stalwarts, hooker Yob (Josh Clifton) and halfback Bull (Dom Longhurst) were playing their 100th games for the club. Secondly, due to our horrendous start to the season, it was a must-win game for both us and Randwick, as the winner would progress to the finals. Pre-season was about to begin for one of us and we were going to make bloody sure it was the blokes in green.

With Randwick’s 1st and 2nd grade teams’ seasons already over (haha), as expected, their 4th grade side had a lot of different faces in it from the first half of the year. In the three weeks leading into this match, they’d beaten the first, second and third placed teams on the ladder so we knew we were in for a tough game.

The first three minutes was so brutal it claimed our first casualty, centurion Josh Clifton. Fortunately, we had over 200 games of experience come on with Ash Hall, who put in one of the most forgetful shifts in living memory. The game was a grind, as both teams threw everything they had into it. With the score at 5-7 deep into the second half, club GM, Jack Burey, came on as a finisher and knocked over a couple of handy goals that ended up sealing the win for us. Unfortunately he still doesn’t know how to kick the ball into touch though, which is deeply concerning.

The Brotherhood are into the finals and kick off proceedings with a grand final rematch against Sydney Uni this Sunday at home… we cannot wait.

Norths 15 (Tries: #10 Jack Rixon, #13 Lachlan Rosengreen; Goals: #22 Jack Burey 2), Randwick 7




Threes have been very difficult to watch in recent weeks. They’re actually a hell of a team, with some bloody good players. Heck, Dylan Santone has scored over 500 points this season! But in the last two weeks they’ve done everything they can to lose which is leaving everyone scratching their heads.

After speaking to Josh Smith afterwards, he simply smiled and said that it was all part of the plan. He went onto explain that if they came sixth, they would have to play Warringah, most likely at Pittwater Park. I said, “King- why the bloody hell would you want to do that?”
He replied, “I’ve actually got gold class tickets to the new Mama Mia sequel at Warringah Mall on Saturday afternoon. If we play at Rat Park it means I’ll have time to have a bath and a cheeky prosecco beforehand!” Fair’s fair maht!

Norths 19 (Tries: #11 Danny Allende, #3 Sape Misa, #10 Josh Smith; Goals: #10 Josh Smith 2), Randwick 22



Twos came out with all guns blazing. After last week’s team bonding session, it was clear that there is a strong correlation between knowing your teammate’s deepest, darkest secrets and what line they’re going to run outside you. The scoreboard starting ticking over right from the get go and the Randwick pricks had no idea how to stop it. Our forwards dominated theirs up front and our backs were able to run rings around them at ease. You’d hope so considering it was their actual fourth grade team.

George Murrin had a blinder, picking up tries and whacking defenders despite having only one working shoulder. In a masterstroke idea, the coaches gave him a squishy blue ball before the game that kept him distracted until warm-up. Without having something to occupy his mind, sometimes George believes that he’s in the “upside down” from his favourite show, Stranger Things.

Despite having a strong game around the park, number 8 Matthew Marley had a horrendous day off the tee. Only hitting one from five, Josh Kay took over the reins and knocked over three from three to finish things off. After the game I spoke to Joe Dawson about whether the boys ripped into that ex-Norths prop who looks like Mr Potato Head. He replied, “At one stage I thought Muzz was going to break his neck in the scrums.”

Norths 53 (Tries: #2 Duarte Diniz, #4 George Murrin 2, #14 Harry Cudmore 3, #11 Angelo Leaupepe 2, #8 Matthew Marley 2; Goals: #8 Matthew Marley, #10 Josh Kay 3), Randwick 7



Ones welcomed back the King of the North to the side, much to the delight to all spectators. Coming up against a reasonable Randwick third grade team, it was fair that our 2nd placed first grade side were always in for a challenge. The Wicks fronted up and weren’t going to roll over in a hurry.

As a home semi was almost all but decided, the coaches wanted to put the team into challenging circumstances as a form of scenario training. Shannon Fraser asked the ref before the game to give a couple of our players time in the sin bin, to see how the lads would react to having a numbers disadvantage. Connor Vest was an easy target for the cheese, however it wasn’t so subtle when the ref sent Nick Duffy off for simply smiling at him.

Despite the calming Irish accent of their flyhalf serenading Harry Burey, our boys managed to come home with a wet sail. Sam Giltrap made a huge run down the field to score the deciding try after stepping all 15 players in the team. His teammates weren’t very impressed though, as instead of running it between the posts for the much-needed conversion, he saw Clay Cross perched right near the corner and actually changed his line of running so he could do a swan dive right in front of the camera.

Norths 36 (Tries: #14 Richie Woolf, #13 Irae Simone, #4 Connor Vest, #11 Cam Clark, #15 Sam Giltrap; Goals: #10 Angus Sinclair, #15 Sam Giltrap 4), Randwick 19


The colties had a tough day at the office, with all three teams getting touched up by a ridiculous Randwick playing group.

2nds are the only team to qualify for the finals so their game was a little bit more interesting. As it was already locked in that they’ll be playing Randwick in the first week, coach Nick Marshall told his troops to not play any moves. What he forgot to tell them though was that they still had to tackle.

If a few refereeing decisions went their way, and if they got the odd bounce of the ball it might have been a different story, however they went down in a tight one, 64-3. A positive I’ve been told is that that Max McMinn’s penalty goal was a bloody good strike though. Give ’em hell this week boys, catch them napping.


4th grade. The Brotherhood needed to win and they did. Never in doubt.


Josh Kay, 2nd grade. Steered the ship well in second grade’s big win and then played 50 minutes in 1st grade.

It’s finals time! I love this time of year. All four grade teams and second grade colts are ready to rumble, with all eyes firmly on the end goal of premierships. Each of the games are spread across the weekend, so I encourage everyone to fill the car up and get out to as many matches as possible in support.



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Qualifying Finals Game Times

Qualifying Finals Game Times

13/08/2018, New South Wales, Rugby, Shute Shield Rugby, Article # 27497234

Qualifying Finals

 Northern Suburbs, Games Times


Qualifying Finals 
Saturday August 18th  Sunday August 19th 
Grade Opposition Time Venue Grade Opposition Time Venue
3rd Grade Warringah 9:30am Rat Park 4th Grade Sydney University 10:15am North Sydney Oval 
2nd Colts Randwick TBC Coogee Oval
2nd Grade Sydney Universty 1:15pm University Oval 2 1st Grade Eastwood 3:10pm North Sydney Oval 






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10/08/2018, New South Wales, Rugby, Shute Shield Rugby, Article # 27476648

Round 18 |  Northern Suburbs v Randwick

Grade @ North Sydney Oval 
Colts @ Bon Andrews Oval 

Round 18 v Randwick  – Saturday, August 11th @ North Sydney Oval 
1st Grade – 3:00pm   2nd Grade – 1:15pm   3rd Grade – 11:45am 4th Grade – 9:50am
1 Ezra Luxton 1 Dan Murray 1 Dylan Santone 1 Will Hunting
2 Sam Kitchen 2 Duarte Diniz 2 Oliver Stump 2 Josh Clifton – 100th Game
3 Daniel Solofa 3 Joe Dawson 3 Sape Misa 3 Tyler Key
4 Connor Vest 4 Declan Carroll 4 Hamish Sinclair 4 Jack Davies
5 Patrick Tafa 5 Leon Akopian 5 Matt White 5 Henry Mikkelson
6  Taylor Francis 6 George Murrin 6 James Wivell 6 Harry Lind
7 Will Miller 7 Tom Mencinsky 7 Fergus Bragg 7 Alex Ironside
8 Hugh Sinclair 8 Matthew Marley 8 Patrick Olver 8 Ben Martin
9 Nick Duffy 9 Josh Noonan 9 Mitch McGrath 9 Dom Longhurst – 100t Game
10 Angus Sinclair 10 Josh Kay 10 Josh Smith 10  Jack Rixon
11 Cam Clark 11 Harry Cudmore 11 Danny Allende 11 Andrew Woods
12 Harry Burey 12 Jordy Heyer 12 Joe Williams 12 Guy Spanton
13 Irae Simone 13 Will Connelly 13 Daniel Heip 13 Lachlan Rosengreen
14 Richard Woolf 14 Angelo Leaupepe 14 Jayden Stokes 14 Hugh Adams
15 Sam Giltrap 15 Reece Mau’u 15  Connor Winchester 15 Alec McSpadden
Res.  JP Sauni Res Res. Res.
Res. Res. Res. Res.


Round 18 v Randwick  – Saturday, August 11th, 2018 @ Bon Andrews Oval 
1st Colts – 1:35pm   2nd Colts – 12:10pm    3rd Colts – 11:05am
1 Brady Dawson 1 Matt Grant  1  Daniel Pale
2 Alex Crotti 2 James Davies  2  James Preist
3 Jack Brewer 3 Harvey Lawler  3  Will Hancock
4 Duncan Cranston 4 Tom Beaumont  4  Liam Janson
5 Travis Gifford 5 Ollie Hannell  5  Nick Bradley
6 Charlie Beatty 6 Charlie Beatty  6  Josh Roberts
7 Paddy Dalton 7 Joe Clinton  7  Dan Johnston
8 Lachy Peruch 8 Cody Edstien-Boyes  8  Nick Bracken
9 Jack Radford 9 Pat McCormack  9  Jack Whelam
10 Junior Pale 10 Max McMinn  10  Callum Fletcher
11 Lachlan Windred 11 Tristain Leffers  11  Nathanael Endemann
12 Taulogo Lalaga 12 Luke Spencer  12  Mark Lefau-Seu
13 Seb Cameron 13 Simi Kauvesi  13  Sam Maley
14 Sam Ryan 14 Caleb Purcell  14  Jackson Price
15 Ed Gregory 15 Connor Lenihan  15  Will Dougal

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The Weekly Round Up 17

The Weekly Round Up 17

09/08/2018, New South Wales, Rugby, Shute Shield Rugby, Article # 27469875

The Weekly Round Up

By Club Captain, Tommy Evans


I can’t believe we’re already in August. With one round remaining, it feels like this season has absolutely flown by. With the sun shining brightly at Woollahra Oval on Saturday, mixed with the intensity of the matches, round 17 certainly had a ‘finals’ feel about it.



The last game the Brotherhood lost was against Easts back in round 10, going down in a tight contest, 13-8. We knew that this game would be no different, with our matches against the tri-colours historically decided by 5 points or less.

We raced out of the blocks to get out to a 17-0 lead after about 20 minutes. Nobody knew how this happened, and this unfamiliar situation had the boys spooked. Clearly wigging, we allowed them to get back into the game over the course of the next half an hour. With about 15 minutes to go, there was only 7 points in it as we held onto a 17-10 lead. Spads knocked over a penalty goal to give us some breathing space as Easts launched various attacking raids at us to finish the game. Our defence was awesome though, constantly scrambling to ensure they weren’t going to get a sniff.

We were awarded a scrum on our 22m line just as the final siren went. With nothing to lose, we decided to have a crack at a bonus point try by going coast to coast. Unfortunately, we forgot that we’re not fit enough to do that, and Easts scored off a turnover. Captain Bullant got poked in the eye trying to make the final tackle of the match and is now a pirate. Another Brotherhood death to add to the season tally.

Norths 20 (Tries: #10 Jack Rixon, #15 Alec McSpadden, #4 Henry Mikkelsen; Goals: #15 Alec McSpadden 2), Easts 15



Similar to fours, threes started the game very well, stunning an Easts team that was on an 8 game winning streak. It was a bit of a tit-for-tat affair, with both teams exchanging scores to keep the game close.

At one point in the match, two Easts players were yellow carded at the same time to make it 13 on 15. Out of respect for the sanctity of the contest, Ash Hall told his teammates not to score any points while they had the upper hand on numbers. The moment the two culprits were back on the field, our boys scored a beautiful try to show them that we can score at will, no matter how many players they have on the field.

Unfortunately this strange act came back to bite our third grade team, with Easts scoring the winning try with less than two minutes remaining on the clock. It must be noted that Matt White is managing to play some very good rugby despite only having two studs left in his boots.

Norths 16 (Tries: #14 Bill Freeman, #9 Josh Noonan; Goals: #15 Connor Winchester 2), Easts 22



The second grade fixture was always going to be a tough match. While our twos have a quality side, Easts have had a very good season and a win against us would secure them the minor premiership. It was clear from the get-go that Easts weren’t keen on letting the opportunity slip, moving the ball well and getting over the advantage line with most of their carries.

The boys rallied hard in the second half to spark a comeback, however Easts managed to hold onto a 29-20 win. A notable mention must go to the team’s youngest player, Harry Cudmore, AKA Winx, who relished the opportunity to play on such a quick track. Another player who’s having a stellar season is Joe Dawson, who anchored the scrum and gave us every opportunity to use the set piece as a platform to attack from.

Despite the narrow loss, our lads are locked in the top six and can look forward to catching these kinds of teams off-guard come finals time. BFG, Declan Carroll, opened the doors to his Balmoral castle that evening for a much-needed bonding session for the lads and I have no doubt this will give them a bit of spark coming into the business end of the season.

Norths 20 (Tries: #15 Reece Mau’u, #14 Angelo Leaupepe 2; Goals: #10 Josh Kay 2), Easts 29



It was an absolute pleasure watching ones on the weekend. The last time the two teams played each other was our Ladies Day, which was also the TV match of the round. Unfortunately, we played our worst footy in years and got pantsed by the Beasties on national television. Cameron Shepherd still had some residual anxiety leftover from that day and was hoping his commentary would be a bit more enjoyable this time around.

I knew it was a good omen when the Easts DJ on the hill ripped out City High’s, “What Would You Do?” just as our lads ran out. We looked the better team from the outset, with Will ‘Cone’ Connelly slipping and sliding all over the place on the left wing.

The tries started piling in, with Harry Burey’s 39th-minute meat off the bone all but sealing the win. Irae Simone, fresh off the Tahs’ semi-final in Johannesburg, provided some motivational Super Rugby leadership at halftime. Leading 27-5 at the break, he turned to his teammates and said, “it’s nil-all boys”.

Buzzing after hearing such next-level advice, the foot was heavily put on the throat courtesy of a second-half hat-trick to Richie Woolf. It was an enormous win, made all the more special considering it was done without Lawrance Hunting being involved. On that note- nobody actually knows where he is, so if you’ve seen him, please comment below with his last known whereabouts. Any photos will also be well received.

The club also welcomes back Cam Clark, who scored a lovely little try on his return to the red and black. With Will Miller and Michael Wells also to come back home, we’re in for an exciting finish to the season.

Norths 51 (Tries: #11 Will Connelly, #10 Angus Sinclair, #8 Hugh Sinclair, #12 Harry Burey, #14 Richie Woolf 3, #23 Cam Clark; Goals: #10 Angus Sinclair 5), Easts 5



The colties had a tough day at the office on the weekend, going down in all three grades to give Easts the Sam Carson Cup.

Despite this, notable mentions must go to Ollie Hannell in 2s and Charlie Beatty in 1s who scrapped for everything out on the field.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though, with Cody Edstein-Boyes winning the meat tray in the raffle. A fantastic achievement for a bloke that’s worked so hard for this. Well done mate.


Our girls were always in for a tough match, as Easts supplemented their 7s team with various players from the XVs side who had a bye. With some of these ladies having represented NSW and the ACT in the Super W comp, the game had a bit of extra hype around it.

Izzi Ha is a superstar in the making, scoring a great try after getting absolutely folded only moments earlier. It was one of those hits that made everyone around the ground wince, easily the biggest shot of the day across all games.

Despite two tries by our other Wolffy flyer, Susie, Easts managed to bring it home to win in a close one. Coach Jack Burey has told me that the girls will be doing a LOT of extra fitness training as per the request of the interested onlooker, Lochie Creagh.


1st grade. 50 points on a semi-finalist… at their home ground… on national television.


Gary Bautz, 1st grade. The meme machine told me before the game he was excited and his performance clearly showed an enthusiasm that Big Kev would be proud of.


One more round left! Can you believe it?! This week is also special because two of my good mates and Brotherhood stalwarts, Josh Clifton (AKA Yob) and Dom Longhurst (AKA Bullant) are hitting 100 games for the club. It’s going to be a Super Saturday at home against the Wicks, so I encourage everyone to watch as many games as possible between North Sydney Oval and Bon Andrews, before sharing a few cold ones together at the Union afterward.




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Round 18 v Randwick – Game Times

Round 18 v Randwick – Game Times

09/08/2018, New South Wales, Rugby, Shute Shield Rugby, Article # 27469311

Round 18

 Northern Suburbs v Randwick

‘Super Saturday’

Games Times

Northern Suburbs ‘Super Saturday’ HOME
Round 18 v Randwick 
North Sydney Oval  Bon Andrews Oval 
Team Time  Team  Time 
4th Grade  9:50am
 3rd Grade 11:45am 3rd Colts 11:05am
2nd Grade 1:15pm  2nd Colts 12:10pm
 1st Colts   1:35pm
1st Grade  3:00pm

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