Rego Label

Not sure of your vehicle’s registration renewal date?

Moved house and forgot to inform your motor registration branch?

Vehicle registration notice lost in mail?

Forgot to check on-line for registration renewal!

Need early reminder to set budget for renewal!

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have the solution.

Noticed how your vehicle registration authority has stopped sending out vehicle registration stickers whilst police enforcement agencies are being equipped with the latest vehicle registration identification equipment.

Without a daily reminder, you could face a fine of $800 or more for driving an unregistered vehicle even if it’s a day over.

Don’t risk the $800 penalty- Buy a lifetime replacement* Rego Label for less than $8. The Rego Label has the same dimensions as your old vehicle registration label and simply attaches to the inside of your windscreen in the top right-hand corner.

Simply fill in the details on the link, pay the $7.95 which includes postage & handling, wait for your Rego Label to arrive in the post and attach the sticker to the inside of your windshield.

Every day when you get into your vehicle it’s there. Your registration renewal date. Use it to set a budget, or simply as a reminder that your vehicle registration is due. And if you need a windscreen replacement down the track, get a replacement sticker for free* for the lifetime of the vehicle*.

You only need to do it once, it’s less than $8 and could save you $800 or even more.

Absolutely positively certain you won’t miss your vehicle registration renewal date over the next 10 years? Just one oversight could cost $800 or more. Why risk it for the sake of $7.95?


Get Yours Now


*Sticker replacement free. Postage and handling fees apply and vary on location.