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Victorian Lifesavers take to the pool in State Championships this Sunday

Victorian Lifesavers take to the pool in State Championships this Sunday

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8 September 2017



Victorian Lifesavers take to the pool in State Championships this Sunday


Lifesavers from around the state will swap the beach for the pool this weekend, set to compete for a Victorian Medal (for the Victorian title) at the 2017 Victorian Senior Pool Life Saving Championships this Sunday.


While Black Rock LSC, Mordialloc LSC and Williamstown S&LSC will present the largest teams on the day, we eagerly welcome smaller contingents from Inverloch SLSC and Fairhaven SLSC for the first time in many years.


Over 130 athletes from 17 lifesaving clubs from across Victoria are expected to don their swimmers and compete this weekend in a variety of events including the Rescue Tube Race, Manikin Tow, Manikin Carry, Medley Relay and Rescue Relay.


Athletes to watch include Brendan Smith of Half Moon Bay SLSC, member of the Silver Barra squad and recently announced as part of the Australian Youth Lifesaving Team.


Mordialloc LSC will have a strong presence on Sunday, with current Junior Barra member Trenton Johnson, current Sliver Barra member James Petropoulos and current Over 30 and Over 45 RLSSA champions James Evans and Mark Johnson contending for their club.


Current Junior Barra Team member Caitlin Huell and current RLSSA under 14 male champion Josh Patterson are positioned to give promising performances for Torquay SLSC.



WHAT:           2017 Senior Pool State Championships

WHERE:         Watermarc Greensborough 

1 Flintoff St, Greensborough VIC 3088

WHEN:           From 9.00am, Sunday 10 September 2017


For further information call LSV Media on 0411 193 962

Event program:  


Young Lifeguards Reunited With Woman They Revived At Pool

Young Lifeguards Reunited With Woman They Revived At Pool

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Monday 23 May 2016



Young Lifeguards Reunited With Woman They Revived At Pool



Two lifeguards from the Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre will tomorrow be presented with Everyday Lifesaver Awards.


Sarah Roberts and Justin Matheson, both aged 21, were on duty at GESAC on March 8 this year, when a 66-year-old woman fell ill following an aqua class.


Helen Gardiner complained of feeling light headed and shortly after collapsed.


Sarah and Justin placed Helen into the recovery position and when she stopped breathing, they commenced CPR.


Following instructions from a medical professional on the phone, the lifeguards performed compressions and when Helen regained consciousness, they monitored her until emergency responders arrived.


Helen was transported to hospital for further treatment and has since recovered.


Sarah said she was thankful she was able to help Helen.


``We were just doing our job and performed to the best of our ability on the day,’’ Sarah said.


Justin said they worked well as a team.


``I’m just glad Helen is ok and it’s good to think we helped her and prolonged her life,’’ Justin said.


Life Saving Victoria Coordinator of Public Training and Pool Safety Prue Saunders commended Sarah and Justin’s actions.


``Providing first aid quickly, before emergency responders arrive, can make the difference between life and death,’’ Ms Saunders said.


``Resuscitation is all about early access, early CRP and early defibrillation. Being able to provide this treatment before paramedics arrive can increase chances of survival significantly.


``Our pool lifeguards know this, are trained for this and as a result, save lives.’’


Life Saving Victoria encourages all Victorians to become Everyday Lifesavers by doing training in first aid and CPR.






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   Off-Season Water Safety Plea

Off-Season Water Safety Plea

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Monday 11 April 2016


                                             Off-Season Water Safety Plea



Life Saving Victoria is joining other water safety authorities to encourage safe water practises in the cooler months, now that the official patrol season has ended.


Volunteer lifesavers and lifeguards performed 478 rescues, attended 1641 first aid incidents and helped keep more than 2 million visitors to Victorian beaches safe during the 2015/2016 patrol season, which ended yesterday.


There have been 31 reported drowning deaths in Victoria since July, 19 of those in coastal waters which represents 60 per cent of all drowning deaths during this period.


Last financial year there was an increase in drowning deaths in winter which represented almost one third (31%) of all drowning deaths for the year (39). Five of the nine boating incidents occurred in winter.


Life Saving Victoria’s Lifesaving Operations Manager Greg Scott said it’s important to understand the water conditions you will be swimming or recreating in.


``Assess the conditions and your abilities and whether your activities are appropriate for the conditions,’’ Mr Scott said.


``Read safety signs whenever recreating near the water and ensure you understand the local hazards and dangers.


``Never swim alone. Always make sure someone else is looking out for you around the water.’’





Maritime Safety Victoria Recreational Boating Safety Manager Lisa Taylor said statistics show that boaters drown when they fall in the water unexpectedly.


``The best way to avoid entering the water is to ensure your boat is suitable for the conditions and in good working order. Check the weather, wind and sea conditions before you head out on the water,’’ Ms Taylor said.


``Dressing warmly and wearing a lifejacket that is correctly fitted and in good condition can help you buy time should you unexpectedly fall in the water. Make sure you raise the alarm as soon as you can.’’


Sergeant Mark Braun from the Water Police said it is important people plan their trip before they head out.


``Just because the sunny weather has gone, doesn’t mean the risk has,’’ Sergeant Braun said.


``If anything, the dynamic winter weather should be an additional prompt for people to plan their trip before they head out.


``Let people know where you’re going, how long you’re planning to be out and make sure your safety equipment is up to date.’’


Bureau of Meteorology Senior Meteorologist Tony Bannister said Victoria’s bays actually become colder than the ocean in winter, with temperatures plummeting by up to 10 degrees turning the water a frigid 11degrees.


``Big low pressure systems can create waves up to 4 stories high in Bass Strait and 2 metres locally," Mr Bannister said.


For further information visit


Lifesaving patrols on Victorian beaches will resume in November.

Junior Victorian Lifesaving Championships Warrnambool

Junior Victorian Lifesaving Championships Warrnambool

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11 March 2016


Junior Victorian Lifesaving Championships Warrnambool


Our state’s youngest surf lifesavers are heading to Warrnambool this long weekend to compete in the 2016 Victorian Junior Lifesaving Championships.


More than 1500 nippers from more than 30 Victorian surf lifesaving clubs will be competing for a medal at the prestigious two-day event.


The athletes will participate in races including beach flags, beach sprints, board race, surf race and the boys and girls iron event.


Life Saving Victoria’s Luke Gavin said more than 2000 spectators are also expected to descend on the beach.


``Our nippers have been training hard for this year’s championships which mark the end of a fantastic season of junior competition,’’ Mr Gavin said.


``It’s been a terrific season with great competition and sportsmanship and this weekend sees the clubs battle it out for the top prize.’’


LSV’s nippers program is designed to introduce lifesaving skills in a fun environment and gives participants the opportunity to develop their skills, make friends, be active and enjoy the beach.






Location: Warrnambool SLSC, 80 Pertobe Road, Warrnambool


2016 Victorian Junior Lifesaving                2016 Victorian Junior Lifesaving

Championships DAY 1                                             Championships DAY 2

Saturday 12 March                                                   Sunday 13 March

7.30am Official Opening                                          8am Traditional March

8am Individual events begin                                    8.15am Official Presentations

                                                                                    8.30am Team Events


For competition program please go to:                                                             



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Victorian Coastal Drownings On The Rise

Victorian Coastal Drownings On The Rise

10/03/2016, Victoria, Lifesaving, Lifesaving Victoria, Article # 16905639

rock fishing safety

rock fishing safety

10/03/2016, Victoria, Lifesaving, Lifesaving Victoria, Article # 16905520


rock fishing safety

The situation


Rock fishing is considered to be one of the most dangerous aquatic sports in Australia. Following a spate of rock fishing drowning deaths from 2005-2007 (5), and again in 2009 (3) within a concentrated area of the Bass Coast in Victoria, water safety agencies were called to action to work to prevent further drowning deaths in this manner. In all 13 drowning deaths involving rock fishing between 2000 and 2012 the incidents involved males, typically aged between 35-59 years, and from a non-English speaking background. In all cases the person was not wearing a lifejacket at the time.

In response, Life Saving Victoria conducted a communications safety campaign targeting rock fishers between 2013 and 2015. The aim was to educate rock fishers on the dangers inherent in their sport, in the face of a poor awareness and knowledge of the risks associated with rock fishing, and a lack of lifejacket use in all drowning incidents.


Despite the efforts of LSV and stakeholders, Victorian’s continue to drown when rock fishing. On Saturday 10 January last year, a 67-year-old man was swept off the rocks while fishing near Sorrento. Just a week later on Sunday 18 January, a 26-year-old fisherman was also washed off the rocks at Bridgewater Bay in Portland. As neither were wearing personal protective clothing  this highlights the need for lifejackets to be worn, as it could be the difference between life and death for fishers in the sport.


Chinese fisherman Victor Fan, who was fortunate to survive a rock fishing drowning incident in January 2012 at Pyramid Rock, expressed his despair about the two drowning deaths, “I was very shocked to hear of the two rock fishing incidents. I feel so sorry about the news and for those two families. People don’t realise just how dangerous rock fishing can be, I know I certainly didn’t. I urge people to learn from my mistake and ensure they prepare for changing conditions and always wear a lifejacket. No fish is worth risking your life.”


Life Saving Victoria Principal Research Associate Dr Bernadette Matthews says these tragedies highlight the need for rock fishers to be prepared by wearing a lifejacket while fishing. “It’s a sad reality that the simple act of wearing a lifejacket would have most likely saved many lives. In all of the rock fishing drowning cases we have seen in Victoria since 2000, none have been wearing lifejackets. If you do get swept off the rocks unexpectedly, wearing a properly fitting lifejacket will keep you afloat with your head above water until help can arrive.”


What we have done to date


Last year, LSV conducted a Rock Fishing Workshop for Vietnamese fishers with 28 in attendance, as well as a workshop for Chinese fishers with 23 in attendance, this gives a total of 51 from the highest risk groups. In addition we have promoted rock fishing safety through:

-              Education booths at multicultural community events

-              Roadside billboards and signage at popular rock fishing sites

-              Print and radio media

-              Our affiliations (Vic Pol, Fisheries, VR Fish, etc.)


Safety Tips


To prevent further tragedies in this manner, the key messages that LSV needs your help to remind the rock fishing community of include:

•             Always wear a life jacket

•             Never fish alone

•             Inform others of your plans

•             Wear light clothing and appropriate footwear

•             Carry safety gear - carry a rope and a float

•             Never fish in exposed areas during rough or large seas

•             Observe first, fish later

•             Plan an escape route in case you are washed in

•             Stay alert

•             Ask for advice from locals who know the area



For more information on rock fishing please visit

Seniors hit the surf at Jan Juc

Seniors hit the surf at Jan Juc

07/03/2016, Victoria, Lifesaving, Lifesaving Victoria, Article # 16857141

Two Victorian Surf Boat Crews Win National Titles

Two Victorian Surf Boat Crews Win National Titles

23/02/2016, Victoria, Lifesaving, Lifesaving Victoria, Article # 16652519







Tuesday 23 February 2016


Two Victorian Surf Boat Crews Win National Titles



Torquay Surf Life Saving Club rowers have dominated at the 2016 Team Navy Australian Surf Rowers League Open held at Shell Harbour in NSW last weekend.


The Torquay Thunder men’s crew won the Open Title in a strongly contested field.


Congratulations to rowers Nick Phelps, James Marburg, Michael Love and Josh Nalder, as well as sweep/coach Scott Tannahill.


The Torquay Lightning women’s open crew represented Australia in the Trans-Tasman trophy and convincingly won all three races against NZ.


Congratulations to the crew of Jess Kelleher, Sophie Robson, Sonia Heath and Sylvie Withers, also swept by Scott Tannahill.


To cap off a great weekend for the club, the under 19 men’s crew made the final in their division.


Victorian Surf Rowers League President Matt Culka said it was an impressive performance by Victorian crews throughout the event.


``The Mordialloc Ecoli men’s crew made their first ever Reserve grand final at a national event and won the Masters 160 years combined division title,’’ Mr Culka said.


``In the masters section three Victorian crews collected bronze medals.


``It was strong rowing in challenging surf conditions.’’