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2017/18 World Series Sprintcars   Round 4 - Avalon Raceway Image Gallery

2017/18 World Series Sprintcars Round 4 - Avalon Raceway Image Gallery

31/12/2017, Australia, Motorsport-Speedway, World Series Sprintcars, Article # 25329233

2017/18 World Series Sprintcars

Round 4 - Avalon Raceway Image Gallery

Rhys Heinrich Wins National Title Thriller

Rhys Heinrich Wins National Title Thriller

02/01/2017, Australia, Motorsport-Speedway, ASCF Speedway Sedans Australia, Article # 20757128

Rhys Heinrich Wins National Title Thriller

Rhys Heinrich has won the SRE, Speedway Sedans Australia, National Street Stock Title at the Lucas Oils Kingaroy Speedway, in front of a massive crowd at the Showgrounds.

In one of the more extraordinary races seen in a National Street Stock Title, this one had it all, with more twists and turns than you could imagine.

It started with last years top two on the front row, with Anthony Beare again taking pole position for a National final, with Brad McClure starting on his outside, with the race being conducted in a clockwise direction, for the fourth year in a row.  John Lodge and Mark Jennings would start on row two, while Robbie Faux and Lenny Bates would start on row three.

The race would be led by Anthony Beare in the early stages, with the race being run at a hectic pace, with drivers running three wide through the formative laps.

The first piece of drama would occur on lap four when Rhys Heinrich was sent to the rear of the field, after spinning by himself, at the finish line.  At the same time, Michael Clark, who advanced from the B Main, would retire with a flat tyre.  Dale Riley Jnr would also retire after just three laps, after qualifying sixteenth.

Upon the resumption, Beare continued to lead McClure, while behind the duo, any number of drivers would hold down third place in a spectacular race, with Lenny Bates, John Lodge, Robbie Faux and the Lodge for a second time, all being in third place within the first ten laps, in a race of ever changing fortunes.  Lap nine would see Stephen English sent to the rear of the field for spinning, and Jason DeGoldi retired with over-heating issues at the same time.

In a great battle behind Beare, who again cleared away after the resumption, Robbie Faux moved to second place, deposing McClure back to third, as Jamie Oldfield moved to fourth on lap fifteen.  The first four places were all National Title holders, having won ten of the last twelve titles, something that was going to hard to overcome for the remainder of the field.

Jamie Oldfield started to really make his presence felt on lap seventeen when he moved to third place, after starting from position nine.   McClure had now dropped to fourth place, as Oldfield challenged Faux for second place.  The battle raged for several laps before Oldfield got the better of Faux, moving to second place, as the West Australian then set out after Anthony Beare.

The pair have had some legendary battles across the years, and Saturday's nights A Main provided another highlight reel, as the pair traded the lead for numerous laps, with Oldfield passing Beare at one stage on the outside to take the lead, with the near capacity crowd roaring their approval.  Oldfield held the lead for a brief period before his race was over with power steering issues, allowing Anthony Beare to re-take the lead, and again have a chance to become the first driver to win three consecutive titles.

The battle continued for the minor placings, with Beare a considerable distance ahead of the field, with the demise of Oldfield.  Robbie Faux had moved to second place, while John Lodge had moved to third and Rhys Heinrich was fourth, a remarkable effort after being sent to the rear of the field, soon after the start.

Robbie Faux would be the next to succumb, retiring from the race while in second place, as the hot conditions continued to play havoc with man and machine. John Lodge moved to second ahead of Lenny Bates and Rhys Heinrich in a four way battle for the minor placings.

The drama though would not end their, with lap thirty seven being on of the most crucial laps in recent titles.  The race would be brought to caution with three laps remaining, with saw Mick Dann and Jamie Lock watch the concluding stages from the infield.  Anthony Beare's car was also showing signs of distress, emitting smoke, which the drivers behind became aware of as the race was ready to resume.   As the field moved down the back straight to take the green, Beare blew a tyre and he immediately withdrew, handing the lead to Heinrich in one of the most remarkable comebacks ever seen.

Heinrich held the lead for the final three laps, downing Lenny Bates and John Lodge in a thrilling finish, with just 0.102 separating the pair.  Mark Jennings and Brad McClure would finish fourth and fifth respectively, with Morris Ahearn sixth, Steven Gartner seventh, Craig Buchanan eighth, and Stephen English finishing ninth and the final finisher.  Craig Buchanan's driver was full of merit after winning the B Main, the South Australian finished a credible eighth.

Heinrich was in disbelief with his victory, admitting to spinning by himself.  "Luckily we did it early (referring to the spin which sent him to the rear), I had confidence before the race that we could win, as Robbie Faux won from that position in a previous title" Heinrich said.


A Main - 40 Laps: 1. S46 Anthony Beare, 2. V54 Brad McClure, 3. N76 John Lodge, 4. N11 Mark Jennings, 5. V16 Robbie Faux, 6. V74 Lenny Bates, 7. S32 Steven Gartner, 8. V43 Jamie Lock, 9. W29 Jamie Oldfield, 10. V5 Mick Dann, 11. S49 Rhys Heinrich, 12. Q88 Nathan Barbeler, 13. V34 Morris Ahearn, 14. Q22 Stephen English, 15. S132 Andy Maxwell Jnr, 16. T75 Dale Riley Jnr, 17. S47 Craig Buchanan, 18. V98 Michael Clark, 19. Q63 Jarrod Peacock, 20. V57 Jason DeGoldi

1. S49 Rhys Heinrich, 2. V74 Lenny Bates, 3. N76 John Lodge, 4. N11 Mark Jennings, 5. V54 Brad McClure, 6. V34 Morris Ahearn, 7. S32 Steven Gartner, 8. S47 Craig Buchanan, 9. Q22 Stephen English, 10. S46 Anthony Beare (37 laps), 11. V5 Mick Dann (37), 12. V43 Jamie Lock, (37), 13. V16 Robbie Faux (31), 14. W29 Jamie Oldfield (29), 15. S132 Andy Maxwell Jnr (19), 16. Q63 Jarrod Peacock (19), 17. Q88 Nathan Barbeler (15), 18. V57 Jason DeGoldi (8), 19. T75 Dale Riley Jnr  (3), 20. V98 Michael Clark (3). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 1.595, Fastest Lap: 17.707 S46 Anthony Beare

Brims Survives Incidents To Take NSW TItle

Brims Survives Incidents To Take NSW TItle

08/05/2016, Australia, Motorsport-Speedway, ASCF Speedway Sedans Australia, Article # 17776274
Brims Survives Incidents To Take NSW TItle

Wayne Brims has tonight won his fourth New South Wales Super Sedan Title in twelve years, in a drama packed A Main, at Morris Park Speedway, Dubbo.

The event was thrown into chaos when the track lighting failed, causing nearly a three hour delay to the commencement of the Title, which eventually started at 8.50pm EST, after organisers, organised portable lighting towers to illuminate the darkened areas of the venue.

After six qualifying heats which saw victories to Brims, Tasmanian Steve Latham, South Australian duo Dave Gartner and Ryan Alexander, Australian Champion, Callum Harper and multiple Victorian Champion Lucas Roberts, it would be Latham and defending Champion Lachlan Onley who would start on the front row, after a very even night of competition.

The final would not get off to a good start though, with the initial start resulting in Steve Latham hitting the fence in turn three, ending his race before the completion of the opening lap.

The resultant complete re-start resulted in a massive crash in turn two, which eliminated five drivers from the race, including Dave Gartner, Leigh Williams, Darren Anning, Chris Blyton and Matt Williams.

None of the forty laps were yet completed, and six drivers, including four drivers who started in the top ten were now forced to watch the entire race from the infield.

When the race eventually did get underway, Wayne Brims would lead Onley, Ryan Alexander and Lucas Roberts, but another caution was called on lap nine, which ended Mick Nicola’s race, along with that of Ian Brims.  Nicola hit the fence in turn two, and was in eighth place at the time.

On lap thirteen, Matt Pascoe made his move, jumping to third, as Alexander slipped to fifth.  Positions then remained constant until lap twenty four, when Wayne Randall spun in turn four, bunching the field up for the final sixteen laps.

There would be more drama to unfold in the concluding stages, when Onley and Brims made contact, with Brims spinning, but no penalty was applied by the officials, who were unable to decide who was at fault, setting up a six lap race to the finish and the title.

Brims held off the resultant challenges in the final stanza, downing the defending Champion, to win his fourth New South Wales Super Sedan Title.  Behind Onley was Matt Pascoe, followed by Lucas Roberts, Ryan Alexander, while Callum Harper finished in sixth place with Wayne Randall the final car left on track after the forty lap bruising affair.


A Main - 40 Laps: 1. N1 Lachlan Onley, 2. T8 Steve Latham, 3. V0 Lucas Roberts, 4. N111 Wayne Brims, 5. S1 Dave Gartner, 6. Q4 Leigh Williams, 7. A1 Callum Harper, 8. V1 Ryan Alexander, 9. N21 Darren Anning, 10. Q15 Matt Pascoe, 11. V3 Mick Nicola Snr, 12. N91 Chris Blyton, 13. Q3 Matt Williams, 14. Q0 Wayne Randall, 15. Q1 Peter Nicola, 16. N14 Mark Towers, 17. Q76 Ian Brims, 18. N33 Barry Towers

1. N111 Wayne Brims, 2. N1 Lachlan Onley, 3. Q15 Matt Pascoe, 4. V0 Lucas Roberts, 5. V1 Ryan Alexander, 6. A1 Callum Harper, 7. Q0 Wayne Randall, 8. N33 Barry Towers (34 laps), 9. N14 Mark Towers (16), 10. V3 Mick Nicola (8), 11. Q76 Ian Brims (8), 12. S1 Dave Gartner (0), 13. Q4 Leigh Williams (0), 14. N21 Darren Anning (0), 15. N91 Chris Blyton (0), 16. Q3 Matt Williams (0), 17. T8 Steve Latham (0). DNS: Q1 Peter Nicola.



04/05/2016, Australia, Motorsport-Speedway, Speedway Australia, Article # 17735051


Mitch Watts did his home club of Leeton proud when on April the 30th he went on to defeat his 

father in law and current Victorian champion Ross Maclean in a last lap pass as he crossed the line in 

first place on a special 40th anniversary race night, Maclean second and Dave Walton finished in 

third place. 

With big events on the program for Super Sedans & Production Sedans the Goulburn Ovens Sedan 

Association played the third string role on the card and in reality had the closest finish of the night in 

their final. 

Watts (# 54 Ace Smash Repairs – Commodore) began the evening in heat one with a victory over 

Frank Gordon, Wally Dewar, Walton & Maclean. A six lap race on the 917 metre long track finished 

with just over two and a half seconds between first and second at the finish line. Scott Callander 

finished in seventh ahead of Mark Pollard, Jamie Atkins & Stuart Balins whilst Mick Pettit (# 6 MP 

Sheds – Commodore), Mick Quinn & Mark Gordon were all non-finishers.

Off the front row Callander (# 24 Jindera Automotive – Falcon) took the early lead in heat two and 

after starting from position four it took Maclean until lap three to hit the front and go on to record 

the fastest time for a heat race for the night with six laps done in two minutes 58.732 seconds. 

Watts moved ahead of Callander & into second on lap five finishing just over three seconds behind 

Maclean (# 1 Macleans Storage Corowa – Commodore). Pettit was fourth with Walton, Frank 

Gordon, Pollard, Dewar, Quinn, Atkins & Mark Gordon a lap down finishing behind the winner. Balins 

didn’t finish.

Making it two wins in the heat races and securing pole position for the final, Maclean took the lead 

from Pollard (# 18 BB Freight – Commodore) on lap two, Pollard held strong in second until lap five 

when he spun in turn one and out of the race.

Watts assumed second place behind Maclean after starting back in seventh place, Pettit moved into 

third with Walton (# 43 Maverick Boats – Centura) & Callander from the very back of the field next in 

line as Maclean took the .742 of a second win. Quinn finished in sixth spot with Dewar, Atkins & 

Balins the others to finish. Frank Gordon missed the start and Mark Gordon (# 91 Menzplant – 

Commodore) who had a new engine in the car was having issues which didn’t allow him to start the 

first heat either.

A ten lap final at Brobenah Raceway Leeton is like a twenty to twenty two lap final at most other 

regular size speedways & the drivers thrilled the crowd, especially Maclean & Watts out front. 

Maclean got the lead on lap one from Watts, Callander held onto third place with Walton chasing.

On lap seven Walton moved into third ahead of Callander, Mark Gordon dropped out of the race yet 

again with his engine not right whilst earlier in the final Quinn (# 17 KMA Signs – Commodore) 

copped a whack from Mark Gordon and that put him out of the race.

On the very last lap Watts took the lead in front of parochial home crowd to bring his Leeton 

registered race car to a win with Maclean just .088 of a second behind. The race went green to 

chequered flag without a stop and a four minute and 50.544 second race time. Walton was third five 

seconds back with Callander, Frank Gordon, Dewar, Pettit, Pollard, Atkins & Balins (# 22 QA Kitchens 

– Commodore) the finishers. 

Goulburn Ovens Sedan Association would like to thank the sponsors.

Max’s Motor Museum – Corowa

Maverick Boats – Corowa

Elle Mae Hair & Beauty – Corowa

Corowa Kitchens & Cabinets

Psychic Tina – Leeton

Wahgunyah Rock Yard – Wahgunyah

Stevo’s Painting Services

Cornelius Classic Panels – Corowa

Ace Smash Repairs – Leeton

MP Sheds – Leeton

Corowa Glass – Corowa

Dunkley Paint & Panels – Corowa

Sf photo graphix - Mulwala

Written by

Dean Thompson

DMT Sports Media

For Goulburn Ovens Sedan Association

Brett Baxter Wins Australian Title

Brett Baxter Wins Australian Title

25/04/2016, Australia, Motorsport-Speedway, ASCF Speedway Sedans Australia, Article # 17622934

Brett Baxter Wins Australian Title

Brett Baxter has tonight won the Trevan Ford, Speedway Sedans Australia, Australian Modifed Sedan Title, at the Lismore Speedway in New South Wales, leading for just over one lap, to claim his maiden Australian Title.

In an exciting A Main, the race had just three stoppages, and four different leaders.  The event was also rain affected with heavy rain throughout the afternoon making track preparation difficult, and a further shower on start time, delaying the start even further.

Despite very trying conditions and a heavy race track near the fence, which led to a multitude of stoppages throughout the night, the final delivered a great race, fitting to finish the season at the Showgrounds venue, which also had its biggest attendance of the season.  

The forty lap Championship decider started with Gavin Fletcher and Mark Carlin on the front row, while Greg Stevenson and Brody Boss would start on the second row.

Carlin would get the best of the start and led Fletcher, Stevenson and Shane Macdonald through the first four laps, as Chrystie dropped to sixth place.

On lap five Stevenson would drop to fifth place as the charge for positions in the lead group intensified with Shane Macdonald moving to third, and 2011 National Champion Max Clarke moving to fourth.

The track was at its best for the final, with several drivers within the field recording laps under sixteen seconds, the fastest the drivers had gone all weekend.  Positions remained constant until lap fifteen, with a high speed freight train, seeing Carlin constantly under pressure from Fletcher, who in-turn was battling to hold off Shane Macdonald and Max Clarke.

The one and only rollover of the weekend occurred on lap sixteen when Brenton Mills flipped in the main straight after contact with Brad Yarrow.  This would eliminate both drivers, while Aidan Raymont, another former National Title holder was forced to withdraw as well.

Upon the resumption, Carlin continued to lead narrowly from Fletcher, with Max Clarke moving to third, immediately applying pressure to the leaders as Macdonald slowly dropped off the pace.  Macdonald would soon be joined by Brody Chrystie and Justin Drew, in what turned out to be a great battle for the minor placings.

With fifteen laps remaining, the race changed complexion again, as Fletcher got under Carlin and Clarke would get under Fletcher in a great three way battle for the lead, befitting a National Final.   Clarke moved to second and with thirteen laps remaining, Clarke hit the lead.  A lap later, Justin Drew hit the fence in turn one, ending the 2006 Australian Champions Title chances.  Brody Chrystie who had a flat tyre, was also forced to sit out the remaining laps after being in fourth place.

Clarke would lead the resumption, with the home crowd sensing a thrilling victory, but Carlin and Fletcher had other ideas.  The trio continued to fight for supremacy, and were joined by Brett Baxter with ten laps remaining.

Carlin moved back to second place momentarily but went into turn on, fast and deep, allowing Baxter to pounce, moving under both Carlin and Baxter as Gavin Lorensen also joined the group, moving under Carlin who dropped to fifth, in a dramatic lap of Lismore.

Clarke, would soon be joined by Baxter, with only two car lengths separating the pair with five laps remaining, this reduced to a car length a lap later, as Baxter seemingly came from no-where to challenge for the title.

With three remaining Baxter gave Clarke a tap on the back bumper, and Clarke then realised he had a race on his hands, as he searched for back to back Australian Titles at the Lismore venue.  Baxter had other ideas, sweeping up on the outside of Clarke entering the main straight with a lap remaining.

Baxter would hold the lead through the final lap to take a thrilling win, with Clarke second ahead of Fletcher, Lorensen and Josh Crang who got the better of Mark Carlin in the concluding stages.

“The car just got stronger and stronger in the final laps”, said twenty six year old Baxter.  “When Carlin and Fletcher ran wide, it obviously played into my hands”, he added.

Baxter, who resides in Gympie, which has the motto, “Home of Champions”, is another in a long list of drivers to win a National Title from the region.

Earlier the six heats, provided some good racing in the difficult conditions, but also a plethora of stoppages.  As a result, the final round of qualifying heats and the C Main had to be abandoned to get the event completed within the constraints of the Showground, with the weather forecast predicting rain until next Friday.


A Main - 40 Laps: 1. Q42 Gavin Fletcher, 2. A1 Mark Carlin, 3. V35 Brody Chrystie, 4. ACT33 Greg Stevenson, 5. Q27 Shane Macdonald, 6. N15 Max Clarke, 7. Q19 Gavin Lorensen, 8. V7 Justin Drew, 9. V61 Matt Nelson, 10. Q55 Brett Baxter, 11. Q32 Nathan Macdonald, 12. Q28 Aidan Raymont, 13. Q2 Josh Crang, 14. Q97 Brad Yarrow, 15. Q9 Michael Learoyd, 16. N81 Quintin Clarke, 17. V79 Martin Hawson, 18. V14 Brenton Mills, 19. Q48 Brett Barron, 20. Q8 Rodney Pammenter


1. Q55 Brett Baxter, 2. N15 Max Clarke, 3. Q42 Gavin Fletcher, 4. Q19 Gavin Lorensen, 5. Q2 Josh Crang, 6. A1 Mark Carlin, 7. V61 Matt Nelson, 8. V79 Martin Hawson, 9. Q8 Rodney Pammenter, 10. N81 Quintin Clarke, 11. Q48 Brett Barron, 12. ACT33 Greg Stevenson, 13. Q9 Michael Learoyd (32 laps), 14. V35 Brody Chrystie (29), 15. V7 Justin Drew (29), 16. Q27 Shane Macdonald (27), 17. Q32 Nathan Macdonald (17), 18. Q28 Aidan Raymont (13), 19. Q97 Brad Yarrow (13), 20. V14 Brenton Mills (13). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.472, Fastest Lap: 15.779 N15 Max Clarke

Oldfield Creates History

Oldfield Creates History

22/04/2016, Australia, Motorsport-Speedway, ASCF Speedway Sedans Australia, Article # 17588641

Bradley Oldfield has tonight made history in more ways than one as he not only became the first driver to win a title with an EFI Junior Sedan, but also the first Oldfield family member to ever win a Junior Sedan State Title as he crossed the line in first place tonight at the Broome Speedway.

Oldfield was towards the pointy end of every race he competed in over the weekend, setting up a position three start in A Main event.

Jake Avins and Travis Armstrong would share the front row of the feature, with Armstrong sitting third in points after night one then recording a second place finish to be on top of the points standings, however it was Jake Avins in the second last heat of the night who had to win to claim pole position, a mission he accomplished in sensational fashion.

As the field went green Avins and Armstrong were side by side, with Armstrong nudging his way into the lead. The race however only went for two laps as Shannon Marsden was sent spinning on the back straight, leaving Queenslander Ardie Jonic nowhere to go but head on into her, ending both of their nights prematurely.

Oldfield took advantage of the restart to move past Avins into second and began applying the pressure on Armstrong, taking over the point on lap five.

Behind them Jorj Park was making the moves after starting in position five and moving into fourth and then into fourth. Dylan Parkes was also charging after being the overnight equal point’s leader before a DNF in his final heat saw him start the feature from position ten. He worked his way into fifth as Park moved past Avins into third, before the yellows were on once again.

Ashley Baker found himself in the back straight wall in a big way, so with eight laps complete the race would come under caution once again. On the restart Armstrong saw his chance, poking his nose under Oldfield, then making the move and coming out in front once again, while Jorj Park continued to lurk in close proximity behind the leading duo.

Jake Avins and Blake Webb were locked in a battle for fourth, but the top three were away, battling hard and pulling further and further away from the field. On lap eighteen the man they call ‘Nuts’ being Oldfield, made his move once again and grabbed the lead back from Armstrong who quickly fell into the clutches of Park.

Blake Webb then moved into a clear fourth place, with Jake Avins then spinning a few laps later to set up a four lap dash for the title. Unfortunately it was at this time that Armstrong’s car gave up the ghost, sending him infield and elevating Blake Webb into the top three for the final stanza.

Try as they might, no one could catch Oldfield, who went on to win his first WA State Title by 0.933 seconds in a race that went for just over half an hour. Jorj Park came home second followed by fellow Broome local Blake Webb (who started from eleventh), while Brooklyn Vanzetti was fourth followed by Jacob Potts (who started fourteenth) was fifth, just pipping sixth place Jake Avins by 0.029 seconds.

Dylan Parkes, Blake Iwanow, Brodie Vanzetti, Jayke Malcolm, Stefani Ameduri and Bradley Short rounded out the only other finishers.

Earlier in the night Brodie Vanzetti, Zac Minshull, Ashley Baker, Jake Avins and Blake Iwanow won a heat each in the final rounds while the C Main went to Seth Hinsey over Tanika Webb who put on a great show in the closing laps to grab the final transfer.

Bradley Short won an epic B Main event after a race long battle with Jay Rees, while Jackson Derrick and Stefani Ameduri grabbed the final two transfer spots into the big dance.

It was a great weekend of racing, with all drivers demonstrating professional attitudes and a lot of racing skill. Thankyou to all drivers, their families, officials and of course the whole Broome Speedway for making the 2016 SSWA Roadline Civil Contractors WA Junior Sedan Title a great success.

Official A Main Result - 25 laps: 1. W21 Bradley Oldfield, 2. W74 Jorj Park, 3. W108 Blake Webb, 4. W118 Brooklyn Vanzetti, 5. W81 Jacob Potts, 6. W11 Jake Avins, 7. W3 Dylan Parkes, 8. W24 Blake Iwanow, 9. W116 Brodie Vanzetti, 10. W23 Jayke Malcolm, 11. W83 Stefani Ameduri, 12. W39 Bradley Short. DNF: W6 Travis Armstrong (21), W29 Jay Rees (20), W7 Zac Minshull (19), W16 Peter Katona (7), W10 Ashley Baker (7), W27 Jackson Derrick (4), W93 Shannon Marsden (2), Q50 Ardie Jonic (2). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.933. Fastest Lap: 22.356 W21 Bradley Oldfield.

McClure In Historic Title Victory

McClure In Historic Title Victory

03/04/2016, Australia, Motorsport-Speedway, ASCF Speedway Sedans Australia, Article # 17300927
McClure In Historic Title Victory

Brad McClure has won the Inaugural New South Wales Street Stock Title tonight at the Wahgunyah Speedway, with the 35 lap main event going without a stoppage.

McClure was able to reverse the tables on Australian Champion Anthony Beare, who finished second, while Mick Dann finished third.

It would be Jamie Oldfield and Lenny Bates who would start on the front row though, after nine qualifying heats, with Matt Nelson joining Dann on row two.

Bates would get the best of the early exchange, leading Oldfield, while McClure who started from the third row, very quickly moved to third, and by lap six moved to second.

Jamie Oldfield found himself under siege, with firstly Mick Dann and then Anthony Beare passing the West Australian, as Brad McClure found an opening left by Lenny Bates, and McClure assumed the lead.

Anthony Beare who started from position seven, moved to third on lap ten, and it looked even at this stage of the race, that the NSW State Title was going to replicate the Australian Title, particularly when Beare moved to second three laps later.

On lap fifteen, Jamie Oldfield would retire from the race with mechanical issues, one of just two drivers not to complete the event, in what was turning out to be a great spectacle.

McClure and Beare started to make their way towards the inevitable lapped traffic, but with the track being 710 metres, it never played a major part, with the duo driving away from the remainder of the field.

There would be no repeat of the grand-stand finish at Ballarat, with McClure able to hold a four car length lead over Beare to the finish of the race.  Mick Dann would finish third, eight seconds or a third of a lap behind Beare, with Lenny Bates holding off Matt Nelson for fourth.  Kye Walters would finish sixth.

Earlier, Jamie Oldfield, Brad McClure and Lenny Bates would win two qualifying heats apiece, with Mick Dann, Brenton Mills and Chris Stewart winning the remaining three.

McClures win was more meritorious, having several car issues throughout the night, despite winning two heats, he didn’t start his third heat. “We had several car issues throughout the night, I wasn’t sure how I was going to go (leading into the final), we had clutch issues, until the green flag dropped I didn’t know if it was going to slip or not, it was fine luckily and it went flag to flag which is good, because if I had to use the clutch too many times, I don’t think I would have had one to use”, he said post race.  “This eases the pain of the National Title”, he added.

McClure has now won five State Titles across three States, three in his home State of Victoria, one in South Australia and now the inaugural Champion in New South Wales, to add to his three National Titles.


A Main – 35 Laps. 1. V24 Brad McClure, 2. S46 Anthony Beare, 3. V0 Mick Dann, 4. V74 Lenny Bates, 5. V61 Matt Nelson, 6. V15 Kye Walters, 7. V5 Steven Watts, 8. V27 Jason DeGoldi, 9. V29 Chris Stewart, 10. S78 Jason Duell, 11. N11 Brenton Mills, 12. S25 Mark Gartner, 13. V143 Jamie Lock (33 laps), 14. V23 Shaun Henry, 15. V21 Donald Irving, 16. V82 Shane Roycroft (34), 17. N3 Colin Peadon (33), 18. W106 Warren Vanzetti (33), 19. V67 Andrew Ratten (28), 20. V4 Jamie Oldfield (15). DNS: V12 Darren Giacometti. Time: 15.05.981, Winning Margin: 1.414, Fastest Lap: 25.365 S46 Anthony Beare

*Photo Courtesy of Ash Media Speedway Footage (Brad McClure)


Atkins In Stunning Title Win

Atkins In Stunning Title Win

03/04/2016, Australia, Motorsport-Speedway, ASCF Speedway Sedans Australia, Article # 17300867
Atkins In Stunning Title Win

Former Australian Champion, Tim Atkin has provided a stunning drive to win the Queensland Production Sedan Title, for the third time in four years, after coming from the B Main, at Kingaroy Speedway on Saturday night.

Atkin had far from a perfect night, and had to qualify for the main event from the B Main, which he won.

Tim Smith and Brett Baxter would share the front row, with defending Champion Chris Pagel and former Australian Champion Andrew Corbet on row two.

Smith would get the best of the early exchanges, but Baxter took the lead on lap three.

Placings in the lead group would remain unchanged through the first half of the race, with Atkin moving his way through to eighth place after twenty laps.

Baxter continued to lead Smith, Corbet, Fawcett and Pagel in a great race, with Corbet retiring at this point, elevating Fawcett and Pagel to third and fourth respectively.  A lap later Russell Cowley and Chris Pagel would be eliminated in what would be an incident riddled second half of the race.

On lap twenty two, Darryel Ash would join the growing band of retirees, but a lap later Brad Scherer on lap twenty three would be joined by Tim Smith who was in second place at the time.

With fifteen laps remaining, Baxter would lead Fawcett and Atkin, who had amazingly moved to third place, with Josh Arthur and Josh Harm moving to fourth and fifth.

Stuart Fawcett made his move ten laps from the end taking the lead from Baxter, as the trio looked destined to have a terrific race to the end, well clear of the rest of the field.

Baxter’s great run came to an end with four laps remaining, when he blew a radiator hose, moving Josh Arthur to third.

Fawcett was in sight of victory when he blew a tyre on the last lap, allowing Atkins to take a stunning last lap victory.  Fawcett still managed to hold second place, with Josh Arthur finishing a quarter of a lap behind in third, with Harm finishing fourth, Andrew Beaton fifth, while Luke Edwards would be the sixth and final driver to finish on the lead lap.

For Atkin, it has been a great season, adding the Queensland Title to his third Victorian Title that he achieved earlier in the season.  The win is his seventh State Title win across three States to go with his 2014 Australian Title win.


A Main – 40 Laps: 1. G15 Tim Atkin, 2. L65 Stuart Fawcett, 3. SB85 Josh Arthur, 4. SB11 Josh Harm, 5. BB7 Andrew Beaton, 6. G6 Luke Edwards, 7. L58 Trent Nicolia (39 laps), 8. GL15 Richard Cook (39), 9. SC61 Jim Cowley (38), 10. L83 Chris Besseling (38), 11. B15 Brett Baxter (36), 12. SC36 Sarah Franz (32), 13. SB36 Tim Smith (23), 14. BB30 Brad Scherer (23), 15. SB3 Darryel Ash (22), 16. Q1 Chris Pagel (21), 17. SC10 Russell Cowley (21), 18. G8 Andrew Corbet (20), 19. SB41 Kerry Lack (16), 20. SC23 Adrian Stott (4). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 1.354, Fastest Lap: 17.483 SB36 Tim Smith

*Photo courtesy of Ash Media Speedway Footage (Tim Atkin)

Alexander Breaks Through In Victorian Title

Alexander Breaks Through In Victorian Title

03/04/2016, Australia, Motorsport-Speedway, ASCF Speedway Sedans Australia, Article # 17300825
Alexander Breaks Through In Victorian Title

South Australian, Ryan Alexander has won the Victorian Super Sedan Title on Saturday night at the Rushworth Speedway, which is his maiden State Title crown in Super Sedan ranks.

It would be an all South Australian front row for the 35 lap main event, with Alexander joined by Dave Gartner on the front row, while Victorian Champion Peter Nicola and Australian Champion Callum Harper would start from row two.

Alexander would get the best of the start, leading Gartner, Nicola and Harper through the opening laps.  Trent Wilson made the fist major move on the hooked up surface, as he and Brad Wicks passed Harper, demoting the National Champion momentarily to sixth place.

Harper would soon be in fifth as the defending Champion, Peter Nicola was forced to retire with a flat tyre.

Alexander and Gartner moved away from the remainder of the field, with several drivers getting some serious air on the juiced up track, none more so than Harper who went close to rolling over at one point.

On lap thirteen, Alexander lost the lead to Gartner, as the duo put on a great race for the lead.  Meanwhile, Brad Wicks had got the better of the battle with Trent Wilson and moved to third, after a great battle which lasted for many laps.

With fifteen laps remaining, a further change came over the race, with Gartner blowing a head gasket, ending the Australian Runner-Ups Title hopes.  Alexander was reeled in by Wicks in the concluding stages, but Alexander would hang on to win by a car length (0.742) from a gallant Wicks, with Wilson third, and Michael Wicks passing Harper on the last lap to finish fourth.

Alexander's win was a popular one, with his maiden victory coming on the back of another strong domestic season.

Earlier six qualifying heats were conducted with Alexander winning all three of his heats, to earn to pole positions for the final, with Trent Wilson,  Peter Nicola and Dave Gartner winning the remaining qualifiers.


A Main – 35 Laps: 1. S36 Ryan Alexander, 2. V17 Brad Wicks, 3. Q44 Trent Wilson, 4. V5 Michael Wicks, 5. A1 Callum Harper, 6. V23 Mick Nicola Jnr (34 laps), 7. V0 Lucas Roberts (34), 8. V19 Ken Pearce (31), 9. S8 Dave Gartner (21), 10. V41 Ben Faulkhead (16), 11. V56 Neil Witnish (14), 12. V1 Peter Nicola (4). DNS: V24 David MacKenzie. Time:No Time, Winning Margin: 0.742, Fastest Lap: 16.004 S8 Dave Gartner

*Photo courtesy of Angryman Photography