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Hughes Performance Offering New Pro Series Torque Converter Dump Valve Systems

Hughes Performance Offering New Pro Series Torque Converter Dump Valve Systems

09/11/2019, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 29600301
Hughes Performance Offering New Pro Series Torque Converter Dump Valve Systems
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Hughes Performance, an International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) contingency partner, is an industry leader in innovation, quality, service and race-winning, record-setting technology when it comes to racing torque converters and automatic transmission assemblies. 
Hughes Performance is now offering Pro Series torque converter dump valve kits for both the Powerglide and the TH400 transmissions.
Not all dump valves are created equally, so you definitely want to know and understand what you’re purchasing before you buy a dump valve kit from the various manufacturers who offer these kits. Many kits currently available simply intersect the lower cooler hose and bypass oil back to the pan. These kits don’t offer any true gain or tuning ability with the torque converter; they offer a marginal improvement in loading and premature wear of the engine thrust bearing while staging against the transbrake.
A properly designed dump valve system will not only manage loading and premature wear of the engine thrust bearing, but will help contribute to a notable increase in available stall speed, engine responsiveness, and, in charged air applications, boost response while staging against the transbrake. These benefits are exactly what Hughes Performance Pro Series torque converter dump valve kits offer.
Our dump valve kits can be activated at an point in the run down the track where it may be beneficial. Some combinations respond favorably to the dump valve going actice momentarily during the gear change in order to provide less engine RPM drop on the gear change as well as smoother, more linear driveshaft acceleration.
The dump valve can even be used to help with power and traction management down track as needed. High-HP nitrous cars can benefit from dump valve activation immediately after the transbrake is released in order to take load off the engine and help reduce detonation sensitivity as multiple stages of nitrous go active early in the run. This also reduces how violently the rear tires are hit early in the run.
Our dump valve kits are also tune-able for how much fluid dump occurs. This is achieved through jets included with the kit, and the jetting is externally accessible for easy tuning as needed. The solenoid/valve assembly we use in our kits feature a 0.250-inch orfice I.D., which means the dump valve will never be the point of restriction in the system. This insures maximum dump valve effectiveness.
The whole idea behind a properly designed dump valve system is to evacuate converter charge oil quickly which creates cavitation within the converter, as the converter will no longer be totally full while running when the dump valve is active. The cavitation allows for the increase in stall speed as well as the reduction of forward thrust force generated by the converter against the flexplate, and consequently against the engine thrust bearing.
One trade-off with running a dump valve system is that more heat is going to be generated in the converter and transmission while the dump valve is active. That being said, if the transmission cooling system is properly designed and fitted to the vehicle, and the dump valve is utilized within normal operating parameters and conditions, the extra heat generated is manageable and will not normally have an adverse effect on any components.
Click here to learn more about Hughes Performance and its line of products.
Manic Mustang Makes Pisconeri an Outlaw Radial Contender

Manic Mustang Makes Pisconeri an Outlaw Radial Contender

07/11/2019, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 29597886



The burgeoning Outlaw Radial class will be a highlight of the 46th annual Goldenstate Championships on November 9 at Perth Motorplex, with Ben Pisconeri’s stunning Ford Mustang expected to be one of the leading contenders.
Pisconeri’s testing pace has been on point, with a personal best pass of 7.62/180mph ahead of the opening round of the WA Drag Racing Championship points series.
“We think there is potential for some 7.5s and if we can do that we would be stoked,” he said. “We’d love to make the finals and to do that we just need reliability. Last season we had a lot of transmission and convertor issues.”
WA Drag Racing ChampionshipThe transmission issues cited by Pisconeri saw a spectacular moment last season when a plume of smoke and liquid from underneath the car almost saw the Ford Mustang end up in the trackside walls.
“It split the transmission cooler and we were just lucky it happened in the first part of the track and not at the fast end,” he said.
Pisconeri’s Ford Mustang is one of the most unique in Australia, running a turbocharged four litre Intech six cylinder, as originally found in AU Falcons. The car itself is a 1965 model Mustang that belonged to Ben’s father Peter, which had been sitting in a shed.
“Dad wasn’t doing anything with the car so we decided to put one of my six cylinder combos in it and have a go,” Ben said. “The car was originally built in America, it is all steel and has all the glass, working indicators, lights and so on but it is not street registered here.
“My Dad used to race back in the Ravenswood days when I was a young fella, and I spent every second weekend at the drags. Ever since I got my licence I have been racing too, starting at the Wednesday night events for street cars.”
The Outlaw Radial drag racing division appealed to Pisconeri because of the ‘Chicago Shootout’ format. The racing is not handicapped, all cars race three times and the first to the finish line wins.
“We like being able to race all night, even if you’re not running so well, and it’s just a matter of taking on whoever lines you up and going the fastest you can,” he said.
The 46th Annual Goldenstate Championships will see sportsman qualifying begin from 10am on Saturday, November 9, with the feature program commencing from 5.30pm.

For more information and tickets head to the 46th Annual Goldenstates Website

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Five Questions with Jerron Settles of Imagine That Customs

Five Questions with Jerron Settles of Imagine That Customs

05/11/2019, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 29594046
Five Questions with Jerron Settles of Imagine That Customs
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.- Imagine That Customs has provided the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) and its racers plenty of award-winning designs over the years. Founded in 2006 by artist Jerron Settles, Imagine That Customs’ top-quality designs have been found on dragsters, door cars, junior dragsters, helmets, golf carts and non-racing applications including watercraft. 
One of the best-known projects is an Imagine That Customs designed Junior Dragster given away each year to the IHRA SuperSeries World Champion. Settles said the reactions from the young racers when the Junior Dragster is unveiled at the IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Finals at Memphis International Raceway makes it all worth it. 
 DSC 9820
Settles has a deep love and appreciation for drag racing. His father was an accomplished bracket racer and Jerron also raced for some time. He spoke with us on how he got started, some of the design process and some of his most memorable projects.
Settles: I started painting part-time in 2003. I was a mechanic full-time, but I always liked the design aspect. I’ve been around racing my whole life. In 2006, I decided to start painting full-time. I shut my tool box down, bought more paint guns and started painting race cars full-time.”
10850288 10153432484429887 3420619411362740686 n
Settles: “I do 99 percent of the designs. Every now and then, I have a customer who brings his own design. I’ve done all, but six or seven of the cars I’ve painted.”
Settles: “Usually a customer will call about a paint job and I will get some information from them. I find out which colors they don’t like. Some racers don’t like green or yellow. So, we get that out of the way. Then we see if they’re looking for something classy, something wild or something mild.
“I pick their brains a little bit, then scribbling it on paper and then, we digitize it. Once we get something close, we send them a couple of rough drafts and digitize the process. I’ve been fortunate to know how to put colors together. It comes with experience, doing it for so long, you’re able to read how things are going.”
Settles: “There are times when I start on something and it will change halfway through. Or I will do a rendering and I will see where something needs to be stretched out, shortened or whatever. I won’t veer far away from the rendering. There are times I’ve added something or taken out something once I’ve got going. It’s rare you have a rendering 100 percent exactly like the car. You always have to tweak it.”
923147 10152271802079887 1779383120 n
Settles: “I tried to count recently, and it was over 700 dragsters. There was a time I was doing 30, 40, 50 dragsters a year and the most we did in a year was 57. Door cars, I’ve done probably around 300. It would be interesting to know, but you don’t want to know because you start getting tired.
11350422 10153473442189887 8604372457962242467 n
“I’ve painted cell phones, mailboxes, a bunch of cool helmets for really famous people over the years. I’ve painted tractor-trailers and off-shore powerboats. I don’t know what would be considered the most interesting, but I would say painting some drones for the University of Maryland would rank up there as one of the coolest projects.” 
935320 10151648746394887 1131676862 n
For more information about Imagine That Customs visit or call 301-807-6608 to go over your dream design today.
Five Sweet Rides to Watch at the Goldenstate Championships!

Five Sweet Rides to Watch at the Goldenstate Championships!

04/11/2019, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 29591721


While the Shannons Insurance Power Palooza gave fans a taste of what the new drag racing season at Perth Motorplex will offer, the real action begins this weekend at the 46th Annual Goldenstate Championships.


The November 9 event forms the opening round of the WA Drag Racing Championship Sereis as well as a round of the national ANDRA Summit Sportsman Series. With around 150 teams filling the pits, there’s more than a few who will be taking to the track for the first time or have made some serious modifications since last season.
Here is our list of the top five rides for drag racing fans to keep an eye on this weekend!


5. Kevin Boulton


Kevin Boulton has been a long time supporter of radial-tyre drag racing in WA and his latest investment into the class should see a major improvement in performance. Boulton’s Pontiac Trans Am now has 572 cubic inches of turbocharged muscle up front, which produced a dyno run of 1434hp in the off season. Those kinds of numbers should see him well into the sevens with speeds approaching 200mph – definitely enough to make him a contender in Outlaw Radial.
4. Danny Rickard


South Australia’s Danny Rickard plans to be a regular part of this season at Perth Motorplex on his stunning v-twin Nitro Bike. Rickard is a former ANDRA Modified Bike champion who decided he needed some nitro in his life and so has moved to this beautiful machine, which is capable of mid to low seven second runs. While Rickard initially purchased the bike in the USA, he is responsible for its current appearance, giving it a radical overhaul when it arrived in the country.


3. Steve Norman


There must be something in the water in SA, because our next ride to watch is another Croweater, this time Steve Norman and his Super Stock BMW. The D/GA-classed Euro coupe is the current record holder, thanks to its performance earlier in the year at the Westernationals. Well engineered inside and out, this car deserves a close look in the pits.


2. Kelvin Lyle


Fresh off a semi final appearance at East Coast Thunder at Sydney Dragway, Kelvin Lyle is hotfooting it back across the Nullarbor to make an appearance in the Blown Alcohol Bracket at the Goldenstate Championships. Lyle qualified second in Sydney with his new car with a 5.73 and then ran a second 5.73 in the semi finals, where unfortunately he lost on a holeshot to Ben Bray. Look out for Lyle to make it into the 5.6s back in Perth!


1. Connor McClure

Are you a Holden or a Ford fan? The McClure family has got you covered (or enraged) both ways with their Outlaw Radial Holden Torana featuring a turbocharged Ford Barra motor! This brightly coloured Torana has been getting a lot of attention on social media but so far has only been seen in the shed. The Goldenstate Championships will be the car’s first time on track and we are all looking forward to seeing what this green machine can do!


The 46th Annual Goldenstate Championships on Saturday, November 9 begins with sportsman qualifying from 10am and the feature program from 5.30pm.

Fore Tickets and more information please visit the 46th Annual Goldenstates Website

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Carroll Relishes Being the First IHRA Summit SuperSeries Sportsman Champion

Carroll Relishes Being the First IHRA Summit SuperSeries Sportsman Champion

01/11/2019, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 29585272
Carroll Relishes Being the First IHRA Summit SuperSeries Sportsman Champion
The 2019 IHRA Summit SuperSeries bought a new opportunity for grassroots racers to compete in the new Sportsman class IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Finals at the Memphis International Raceway, Millington, Tenn.  Dustin Carroll from Olar, S.C., was given the distinct title of being crowned the first ever IHRA Summit SuperSeries Sportsman champion. 
“It’s an exciting feeling,” Dustin Carroll said. “The feeling of winning one of the most prestigious championships hasn’t sunk in yet.”
Dustin Carroll
Carroll representing Union County Dragway, Union, S.C., took home the win by defeating Larry Doty representing Palm Beach International Raceway, Jupiter, Fla., with a .042, 7.696-second pass at 90.53 mph.
“The day went fast,” Carroll said. “It felt like I couldn’t do anything wrong. I got lucky a few times with competitors breaking out or red lighting which helped me advance to the final round. I thought my weekend was over and went too quick against my dial-in in the third round and luckily saw the win light come on keeping my weekend alive.”
 Dustin Carroll 1
With the win Carroll took home a $5,000 payday, IHRA World Championship ring, IHRA Gold Card and an IHRA Ironman. 
While this was his biggest win to date, Carroll now has two IHRA Ironman to his name. The IHRA Summit SuperSeries Sportsman Championship Ironman happens to be much bigger compared to the other Ironman he has. 
Carroll started racing with his dad Lucky Carroll, his friend Bobby Hutto and cousin Danny Sanders in the year 2000. Nowadays his daughter Morgan Carroll who just graduated from Junior Dragster and is now in the No Box class, his wife Kelly Carroll, and brother Josh Carroll are all racing making it a true family affair in racing. 
 Dustin Carroll 2
Carroll drives a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro during weekly events at Union County Dragway and South Carolina Motorplex, Neeses, S.C.  He purchased the car in 2017 year from cousin Sanders who owned Danny’s Classic Cars.  Carroll then put a 350 cubic inch engine in car and built it to compete in the Sportsman class. 
“I credit Summit Racing Equipment a lot for helping us on the car,” Carroll said. “The majority of the parts we have were purchased from them and it helped us get the car in tip-top shape to compete at our weekly tracks and the IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Finals.”
 Dustin Carroll 3
“Tony Brown and his staff at Union County Dragway run an amazing l program and I can’t thank them enough for the opportunity to represent them at the World Finals,” Carroll said. “They have about 10 races a year and the competition there is tough which helped me compete against the best in the world in Memphis.”
Carroll now can relish being the first IHRA Summit SuperSeries Sportsman champion and having his name forever etched in the history books as the first champion. 
“I have to give God all the glory that helped us get to Memphis and accomplish this feat,” Carroll said. “Everyone we met and competed against at the World Finals were amazing and I can’t thank them enough for an memorable weekend.”
IHRA Summit SuperSeries Top 10 List Released

IHRA Summit SuperSeries Top 10 List Released

30/10/2019, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 29583757
IHRA Summit SuperSeries Top 10 List Released
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Drivers representing tracks from Canada to South Florida, from upstate New York to Texas raced their way onto the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Summit SuperSeries top 10 list for 2019.
Champions from the different classes Keith Cleveland (Top), Dustin Avondet (Mod), Dustin Carroll (Sportsman) and Kaden Harrill (Junior) headline the lists.
The Top division featured Cleveland from Lancaster National Dragway in New York and runner-up Paul Peterson from Dragway 42 in Ohio. There were also two Texas tracks — Edinburg Motorsports Park and Penwell Knights— represented.
Mod champion Dustin Avondet led the racers in the top 10. Avondet represented Mo-Kan Dragway in Missouri. Runner-up Chris Roth represented Mid-Michigan Motorplex.
Sportsman Champion Dustin Carroll represented Union Dragway in South Carolina. Runner-up Larry Doty held the banner for Palm Beach International Raceway.
Junior champion Kaden Harrill represented Knoxville Dragstrip in Tennessee. Runner-up Taylor Hansen represented Onawa Racing & Events Complex.
Penwell Knights, Great Lakes Dragaway, Osceola Dragway, US 13 Dragway, Palm Beach International Raceway, Pine Valley Raceway and Holly Springs Motorsports produced racers in two different classes that finished in IHRA Summit SuperSeries Top 10 list in 2019.  
To view the top 10 list click here.
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IHRA Summit SuperSeries Prize Package Has Cleveland on Top of Racing World

IHRA Summit SuperSeries Prize Package Has Cleveland on Top of Racing World

29/10/2019, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 29581551
IHRA Summit SuperSeries Prize Package Has Cleveland on Top of Racing World
Keith Cleveland’s efforts in Memphis could not be topped.
The suburban Buffalo racer drove to the top of the racing world by winning the Top division championship at the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Summit SuperSeries World Finals at Memphis International Raceway.
His championship package included $20,000 from Summit Racing Equipment, a seven-night/eight-day vacation for two on the island of Aruba courtesy of Around Aruba Tours, a golf cart from Darts Carts, a world championship diamond ring, a world championship Ironman Trophy and IHRA Gold Card. Cleveland also took home an additional $500 from Battle Born Battery for having the best reaction time of all the final round competitors.
The trip to the exotic island comes in particularly handy after Cleveland got engaged earlier this year. He’s also glad to plenty of extra cash in hand.
“I’m looking forward to that. It’s either going to be the honeymoon or marriage,” he said about the Aruba trip. “Then, $20,000 is nothing to sneeze at. That’s big money. Twenty-grand is twenty-grand and it feels good to get that check.”
It felt good for him to perform like he did at Memphis. Cleveland, who works as a painter and mechanic for a company which manufacturers offshore equipment, was spot on throughout the Saturday eliminations. Representing Lancaster Dragway, he defeated Paul Peterson from Dragway 42 in the final round with a .010 reaction time and a 5.66-second run at 119.80 mph. 
“It was a surreal experience. I’ve been racing for 20 years and my father has been racing since ’81,” Cleveland said. “There are no slouches there. When I got back home, they had on the board at work, ‘World Champion.’ It’s hard to put into words, but it’s an amazing experience.”
Cleveland’s championship-winning car is quite the head-turner. It’s a 1923 Ford T bucket with a 383-cubic inch small block motor and a powerglide transmission. He explained it wasn’t the car which qualified him for the IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Finals.
“We get some looks, but it runs the number and works. It’s a low-budget racing operation with me and my father,” he said about the 1923 Ford. “We also race a 1970 Oldsmobile that we run with a 468 big block. But, the Ford T bucket just fits me and I feel so comfortable in that car. 
“When we were talking about what car to bring to Memphis, I qualified for the World Finals in my Oldsmobile, but, I wanted to take that car because it just works. It would be nice to have one of those long dragsters, but the T bucket leaves soft and works perfect.”
It certainly did at the IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Finals, where he faced Peterson, who earned his way to Memphis by winning the IHRA Division 3 Summit Team Finals. Cleveland knows about the tough competition in Division 3, particularly at his home track, officially known as Lancaster Dragway at New York International Raceway Park.
Veteran racers Mike Swinarski, Vito Antonicelli and his wife, Sylvia, purchased the 1/8-mile drag strip earlier this year and put a major emphasis on the IHRA Summit SuperSeries, the largest and most prestigious program in bracket racing.
“We have some of the toughest competition anywhere,” Cleveland said. “You have to be good to win at our track. The track was closed, but it reopened a month before the season started because of the efforts they put in. Without them and the staff at Lancaster, none of this would be possible.”
 Keith Cleveland
Cleveland also credited the efforts of his family and close supporters. He felt them with him every step of the way and every pass down the drag strip.
“I wouldn’t be able to do this without my mom and dad,” he said. “My finance’ Tracey, my kids, Jordan, Gabby and Owen were there every week supporting me. My brother and sister-in-law were there almost every week along with my soon to be father-in-law Mike and my engine builder Tom. It’s just a dream come true.”


28/10/2019, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 29579353

Madding Toyota

CALLUM Williamson fired an ominous first shot in the Maddington Toyota Sprintcar Series when he claimed the season-opener in dramatic fashion at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday night.callum-williamson-by-peter-roebuck

Williamson had traded blows with Shaun Bradford for much of the 30-lap feature race and with only a couple of laps remaining he was trailing before his run on the low line paid off, taking the win by 0.288 of a second over Bradford, with Queenslander Lachlan McHugh 3.460 seconds back in third.

It was Williamson’s first major sprintcar win and a clear sign he will be a major championship contender this year after starting from P6 in the main event.

The first round of the season was part of the Shannon’s Powerpalooza in a condensed format that also featured drag racing and burnouts.

Each team only had one heat before going into the feature race.

Jason Pryde and Bradford started on the front row, ahead of McHugh and Jamie Oldfield, with Taylor Milling starting inside Williamson on the third row.

The race was off to a cracking start before Oldfield and Pryde came together on the back straight, ending Oldfield’s night that showed so much promise.

The pilot of the #51 was blistering in his heat race, circulating in the very fast 13.105 seconds and shaving five seconds off the eight-lap track record.

Pryde resumed the battle at the front but he was soon under pressure as Williamson, Bradford and McHugh all made their way by and Williamson held down the lead for a handful of laps before Bradford took the lead on lap 10.

Williamson responded a couple of laps later to resume the lead but again Bradford was up for the challenge and by the time 20 laps were in the book he was back in front and looked fast in traffic.

Williamson was equal to the challenge and fired the telling blow on the last lap.

McHugh dropped to as low as fifth early on but by lap 10 he was in third, and while he was unable to mount a challenge on the leaders, it was a position he held until race end.

This was a good start for the McHugh arrangement with the J&S Drilling team as they prepare for World Series Sprintcar duties later in the season.

He won’t be at the next show but expects to contest a few more shows in WA over the coming month.

Defending series champion Jason Kendrick, who started from P8, got up to sixth early on and eventually clawed his up to take fourth, crossing the line ahead of Pryde.

Mitch Wormall, who started P13 finished sixth, ahead of Milling (who was the other heat race winner), Kris Coyle, Ben Ellement, Ben Van Ryt, Todd Davis, Adrian Haywood, Robert Watson junior, Matthew Cross and Tom Callaghan.

Trevor Jolly and Daniel Harding were the only other DNFs, while Darren Mewett, who took third in an earlier heat race, was a DNS.

Round two of the Maddington Toyota Series will be held at the Perth Motorplex next Saturday night, being the Bonza Bradford race.



Taylor Milling, 2nd Shaun Bradford, 3rd Darren Mewett, 4th Ben Ellement, 5th Lachlan McHugh, 6th Jason Kendrick, 7th Todd Davis, 8th Robert Watson jnr, 9th Trevor Jolly, DNF: Matthew Cross.


1st Jamie Oldfield, 2nd Callum Williamson, 3rd Tom Callaghan, 4th Jason Pryde, 5th Ben Van Ryt, 6th Daniel Harding 7th Kris Coyle, 8th Mitchell Wormall. DNS: Adrian Haywood.


1st Callum Williamson

2nd Shaun Bradford

3rd Lachlan McHugh,

4th Jason Kendrick

5th Jason Pryde

6th Mitchell Wormall

7th Taylor Milling

8th Kris Coyle

9th Ben Ellement

10th Ben Van Ryt

11th Todd Davis

12th Adrian Haywood

13th Robert Watson jnr

14th Matthew Cross

15th Tom Callaghan

DNF: Trevor Jolly, Daniel Harding and Jamie Oldfield

DNS: Darren Mewett.

Story Credit – Darren O’Dea

Photo Credit – Peter Roebuck

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Power Palooza Drag Racing Recap & Results

Power Palooza Drag Racing Recap & Results

28/10/2019, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 29578224

Powerpalooza at Perth Motorplex. Photo by Phil Luyer, High Octane Photos

What an awesome evening for a short sharp show on the Perth Motorplex Drag Strip for the All sports Power Palooza event.


The Drag Racing action started at 5:00pm with the Outlaw Nitro and Nitro Bike Exhibition passes, then we marched through the various Categories with Qualifying passes from Doorslammer to Super Street.


Exhibition passes from the Beat the Heat Team, the Ride Experience 3-Seater Dragsters and the Firey Jet Dragsters that lit up the Motorplex like nothing else can.


From there we went straight into out A & B Finals starting at Super Street and going all the way to the Doorslammers and finishing the Drag Racing display with the Nitro Bikes, Outlaw Nitro and the Jet Dragsters …


The focus then went over the mound to the Speedway Track and returned back the Dragstrip side of the venue with a killer show from some of out bitumen basting burnout brigade … ripping in and tipping it in on the way over the Snake Pit then returning to finish off their tyres in the smokiest fashion possible.


Power Palooza Drag Racing Finals results are available here


The next Drag Racing event is the 46th Annual Golden State Championships that will attract racers from all over the country to try and gain so points in Round 4 of the ANDRA Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series.


For more information and tickets visit – The 46th Annual Goldenstates Website Here


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