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28/05/2018, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 26804570




The Porters Racing team from Mackay Qld has had some time away from the race track in the past season or so, but the Family team is happy to tell that they are making the trip to Willowbank Raceway for the 51st Gulf Western Oils Winternationals, and they aren’t coming just to make numbers.

Team Owner Paul Porter said “ This is the 18th Winternationals event we competed in, with 11 of these years in the very competitive Pro Stock category. Unfortunately we weren’t in a position to do all rounds throughout the season, but will be treating this round very seriously with the aim of a 400 Thunder Gold Christmas Tree “.


“ Since the January round at Willowbank, the car has been totally pulled apart from top to tail. The engine has been fully refreshed and John Barbagallo has worked around the clock extracting every little bit of horsepower out of this engine . We originally intended to debut our new JB engine at this meeting , but with fuel changes on the horizon, decided to work with our number 2 engine, but with many changes”  commented Team Driver Scott Porter.

A huge effort has gone into the clutch, transmission and chassis so the team is looking to find a baseline early at the Winters Warm up (June 2-3) with the refreshed set up and extra horsepower.

Paul and Scott would like to thank John Barbagallo of JB Automotive Nth Qld for his continued support , expertise and dedication with our engine program.
Thanks also to Paul Drady of Plucka’s Race Craft for his chassis assistance .
To our crew of Jason & Terry Hethorn, John McIntosh and newbie Kellie Aislabie. We thank you for the hard work that keeps our car out on the track .
We invite all fans and supporters to drop in and see us in the pits and share this experience.




25/05/2018, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 26781604


Bill Perdikaris is a quiet spoken, and always a somewhat dark horse in Pro Stock.

Perdikaris hasn't contested any of the previous rounds this year, But assures us that the car and team are ready, and they are excited to go testing  at Sydney Dragway in preparation for the 400 Thunder Gulf Western Oils 51st Winternationals at Willowbank Raceway.

"We have been spending a lot of time on the dyno chasing horsepower with these new fuels, and  feel now we should have a engine that is making good power. With Championship points irrelevant  to us, The weekend will be about getting win lights and Proving the Perdikaris Ford Power" said Perdikaris.
"We are confident that if the conditions are there, we look to improve on our personal best Et 6.983 196 mph And are hoping to get into that elusive 6.8 second zone that all the teams seem to be heading for. Testing in Sydney will hopefully get the Team and Myself settled back behind the wheel, and some gearing changes to be made for the new horsepower - But overall we are quite excited about just getting back out in front of the fans", smiled Bill.

Ford Fans will be happy to see there is 3 cars representing the "Blue Oval" out the 14 cars entered for the Winternationals, and Bill Perdikaris is leading the charge as the Fastest Ford Pro Stocker in the country.


For more information about the 51st Annual Gulf Western Oil Winternationals, head to www.willowbankraceway.com.au

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Beauchamp ready for challenge

Beauchamp ready for challenge

22/05/2018, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 26754814

Beauchamp ready for challenge

Posted on May 21, 2018 by prostockaustralia


Paul Beauchamp and the Beauchamp Motorsport team are heading to the 2018 Gulf Western Oils Winternationals with the intentions of getting back on track, and getting in some solid passes with a refreshed setup.
“For qualifying we will be just trying to find a baseline tune to get the car from A to B along with trying to qualify in such a quality field. We’ve taken a good break from the class of Pro Stock, but we’re glad to be making a “comeback” if you would call it that”  Laughs Paul.

“For us It’s all about just working as a team to ensure everything is right on the day and making the most of lining up and dropping the clutch. It is going to be tough especially with so many 6 second capable cars in the class, but that won’t stop us!! At the end of the day we are here just like everyone else to go and run for a 400 Thunder Gold Christmas Tree, although just making it to Raceday will be a bonus on our first meeting back.”

If you’re coming out to the track from June 7-10 make sure you drop in and see the crew and say hi, check the car out and ask some questions. Schedule is to be on track Friday, Saturday and if the stars align Sundayalong with the rest of the Group 1 categories.


Be sure to follow  Beauchamp Motorsport;

Pro Stock Australia


Why We Need To Move Away From 400 Thunder

Why We Need To Move Away From 400 Thunder

15/12/2017, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 25184082

Why We Need To Move Away From 400 Thunder


By Mark Humphrey

Well, where do we start with 400 Thunder? Plenty of fronts we could question including the recent series round reversal at Calder Park Raceway, but we won’t.

From my point of view and it is exactly that, I would like to demonstrate why we don’t need 400Thunder at any of our ANDRA sanctioned tracks and just so everybody is clear on the subject, I don’t care if 400 Thunder are still around in 10 years’ time, just not on our tracks.

Personally, I don’t think the emergence of 400 Thunder has improved the sport in any shape or form outside of normal progression. Yes, Top Fuel has gone 4.40 and the Top Doorslammer bracket is as tough as ever, but this surely is just a progression of the sport and race teams. You can’t tell me that Top Fuel hasn’t been trying to develop their tune-ups to go 4.40 and please don’t tell me that Zappia dipped into the 60’s as a result of 400 Thunder. Not on your life. They are race drivers and race teams that just want to go faster regardless of who is the sanctioning body.

After 2 ½ years, the organisation still does not have a “Naming Rights Sponsor” or even a major sponsor. Where is all this support and sponsorship that 400 Thunder boasted about in their initial video promo? They even said they recruited the best PR media people in the land to get the message out. Well, it has only been in recent times that the media has got on par with what’s expected of a major sporting organisation/competition. Quite frankly, the media coverage was a joke for the first year or so.

One thing they have got right is the live streaming provided by OVO. Fantastic product that is showcasing the sport now entirely free of charge. So OVO provides some sort of sponsorship by providing the live stream but that’s it. We have seen stars like Victor Bray secure good sponsorship deals through Gulf Western Oils which has flowed on to other racers and to naming rights of individual events but still no naming rights partner for the series or the organisation.

On the other side of the coin, ANDRA has just secured a sponsorship extension for its sportsman series with Summit Racing Equipment inking a multiyear extension. I have it on good authority that there are some US sponsors that may be interested in becoming a naming rights sponsor for ANDRA if and when all this rubbish is put to bed over here.

So, when we run a championship round we have the ANDRA and Summit branding strategically placed all around the venue which all contributes towards branding the product and organisation. When we allow 400 Thunder to run a round on an ANDRA sanctioned track we lose that identity which is like 2 steps forward and 1 step back although in this case we are also giving 400 Thunder full access to further brand their product.

When it’s a 400 Thunder round what do ANDRA sportsman get out of it? Initially, a lot higher entry fee to cover the cost of the GP1 circus, a race schedule that is usually altered several times on the day to accommodate GP1 and a complete ignorance of sportsman racers in general by the 400 Thunder officials. I think we have gone past the presentation scenario where ANDRA was banished to the pits, but not by much. On a positive, 400 Thunder attract a crowd which could be argued that an ANDRA GP1 Series would do the same. And of course, 400 Thunder has the OVO live stream.

I made a comment today with regards to product branding. As mentioned above, when we allow 400 Thunder to run on an ANDRA sanctioned track, we are effectively supporting the branding of that organisation. To give an example of how absurd it is, it would be like Coca-Cola letting Pepsi run events on Coca-Cola land with all branding/advertising/promotion going Pepsi’s way. It just sounds too unrealistic to be true and in the example given, it would never eventuate, but for some reason our, as in ANDRA representatives deem this to be ok. What sort of decision makers have we got if this is anything to go on. I dare anyone to nominate 2 rival organisations and play out this scenario. I can tell you now, I don’t think it would happen anywhere in the world so why is it happening with ANDRA?

The next issue I see is with the 7Mate deal that 400 Thunder has paid for. That’s right, they have to pay for it. No big deal, ANDRA could do exactly the same for our sportsman racers and put them up on nearly prime time tv. Gee, I could even organise a 7Mate deal in conjunction with the Sporting Scribe Muscle live stream but where would I recoup the cost from. The way 400 Thunder recoup the cost of providing 7Mate vision is to slug the promoter or track. I believe Nitro Up North had to shell out more than 50k and I do know first hand that Alice Springs Inland Dragway had to cough up $40,000 if they wanted a 400 Thunder event. Calder, Perth and the AIR will also be required to pay the tv levy if they want 400 Thunder at their events. So where does the promoter recoup the tv levy? (starting to sound familiar). Either he/they slug the fans coming through the gate as part of the entry fee although that could be a bit hard considering the Nationals was $40 to get in on finals day last year, or they slug the sportsman racer with a fee absorbed within their entry fee. No way would the GP1 teams be slugged the tv levy which brings me to the next issue. The recent East Coast Nationals had the 7Mate coverage and although weather intervened they only aired GP1. There was plenty of qualifying done by the sportsman classes and some of the brackets got to the 2nd round of eliminations but still no vision. So, the scenario could look like this, sportsman racers may subsidise vision that covered GP 1 racing without a single second of sportsman vision. How’s that for having 400 Thunder at our tracks?

ANDRA ran a GP1 Series for years with lots of success. The Winternationals had their highest ever competitor entry lists in roughly 2013 & 2015 and I believe record crowds at the time whilst still under ANDRA. The Nitro Up North shattered all records the first time out under an ANDRA banner and I’m quite sure that if ANDRA was still running GP1 that we may have seen a stack of special moments and landmarks in the sport.

There are plenty of other issues with hosting 400Thunder at our tracks but for me, the main issues are the ones listed above.

We don’t want to stop 400 Thunder or any GP1 racers who want to support the organisation, we just want exclusive access to the tracks we have sanctioned and assisted over years and years of blood, sweat and tears. Right now, there are people lined up to take a cheap shot at ANDRA for the most minuscule of issues. What about we put it to the ANDRA board and management, that we the members want to take back control of our organisation and sport and make the changes necessary to rebuild the culture around ANDRA Championship Drag Racing and an organisation that is prepared to sit down and listen to its members. We don't want to re-invent the wheel, we just want our own identity again, one that we can nurtcher and build with our own resources and time.

It starts right now with our Divisional Councils representing the members and instructing the DD’s to take the message to the board that we want our identity back so we can start over again without any form of alliance or partnership with 400 Thunder. Come on DC’s, it all starts at ground level.



03/09/2017, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 23999222

Live Streaming Campaign


                        How cool is this entertainment!!

Watch this type of action and more in the comfort of your home 20 kms away or 20,000 kms away. Drag Racing, Hot Rodding, Boats, Speedway and more. Sportingscribe.com travels the width and breadth of Australia filming drag racing events with the occasional hot rodding and speedway event thrown in, all packaged up in video edits usually within a week of the event finishing.  Scheduling and growth of the industry has made it difficult to find the editing time to process all the action in a reasonable time frame. My quest here at sportingscribe.com is to set up a live streaming service that will deliver the same content to my viewers, live as it happens. All the action from the Australian National Drag Racing Association Summit Sportsman Series plus selected marquee events including hot-rodding from around Australia delivered live right onto your device. Get us close and personal with drivers, pit action and all the drama that go hand in hand with competition. Be there to celebrate the highs of motorsport achievement with victory speeches, interviews and pit parties. Catch all the cool guys and gals in the ever growing hot-rod scene with live vision of the coolest rides on the road, the girls in their rock a billy gear and the finest featured hot-rodding live music.
Sounds entertaining you say! I agree and want to bring it to you live free of charge onto your device, yes free of charge, no pay per view charges, but I need your help.
To give you all this supercharged cool action I have set up a fund to help raise capital for the purchase of live streaming equipment. I have a regular job and currently cover drag racing and motorsport events free of charge and not for profit. Your support and assistance with this campaign will kickstart my journey into live streaming, bringing all the men and women of motorsport right onto your device. Let's get this campaign rolling and see what we can do with a little bit of support. I thank you in advance. 
Mark Humphrey


Click here to support my campaign.


ANDRA Motor Mail June 9, 2017

ANDRA Motor Mail June 9, 2017

09/06/2017, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 22787164

9th June 2017

Catch up on the latest news in ANDRA Drag Racing...

(click links below to navigate directly to each item)

 A Message From ANDRA

In light of this weeks, 400 Thunder announcement, ANDRA would like to acknowledge that we are supportive of a single Group One series concept, run by 400 Thunder.

We can confirm that ANDRA has been in negotiation with venue promoters and Australian Professional Drag Racing (APDR) to ensure that the single Group One series model meets everyone’s needs.

ANDRA is also able to confirm Group One Competitors in the 400 Thunder Professional Championship Series will be able to purchase an event licence where their home track is operating under an alternative sanctioning body. 

ANDRA is still continuing discussions on the details of the arrangement, including TV/ Livestreaming of the Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series,  and there will be further information released when this information is confirmed.

We would like to reassure the membership that ANDRA will continue to administer the Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series for all ANDRA Sportsman Racers alongside the 400 Thunder events at ANDRA sanctioned venues.

We are still awaiting some input from venues and APDR in regards to dates and we will be releasing a calendar shortly. 

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 ANDRA Announces New Structure

The CEO of ANDRA has recommended a new structure which the Board has approved.

It will see ANDRA concentrating on its role as a sanctioning authority whilst continuing to manage the Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series.

The new structure will be headed by a General Manager in a leaner organisation. Current Competition Manager Brett Stevens has been appointed as the acting General Manager to commence in June.

Grant Goodall the current CEO has agreed to join the ANDRA Board as an Independent Director, commencing in July.

Acting Chairman of ANDRA Terry Jongen said, “The streamlining of ANDRA will allow it to concentrate on member services. The Board appreciate that Grant has recommended his own position be made redundant in the best interests of the sport and ANDRA.

Grant has been an excellent contributor as the CEO of ANDRA and has achieved a great deal given the role was part-time and in a difficult period.  The Board look forward to Grant's continuing contributions as a Director and a mark that there is confidence in going forward with the sport and ANDRA into the future. ANDRA remains a not for profit member based organisation.”

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 Volunteer of the Year Nominations Open

Arthur J. Gallagher has an extensive national broking network in metropolitan and regional Australian locations. They provide broking solutions to a wide range of clients from small to medium enterprises through to large multi-national corporations, as well as affinity partners and associations including the Australian National Drag Racing Association Ltd.
The Arthur J Gallagher Volunteer of the Year award is designed to recognise the outstanding contribution and passion of volunteers donating their time to ANDRA Drag Racing.
To nominate your 2017 Arthur J. Gallagher Volunteer of the Year download the form under Competitor > ANDRA Forms or CLICK HERE

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 Queensland Championships 


Entries are now open for Round 1 of the 2017 Queensland Championship Series at Palmyra Dragway.

This is a standalone Queensland based series involving Palmyra Dragway, Benaraby Raceway and Ironbark Raceway.

Details: Rd 1 Palmyra Dragway
Pre-Entries close Monday June 26, 2017 at 5.00pm
SCHEDULE: (Subject to Change)
Friday 30th June
Gates open 12.00pm for early setup.
Test & Tune from 6.00pm – 10.00pm
Please note that if you are not camping at the track to make sure your pit area is secure.
Saturday 1st July 2017
Gates open from 7.00am
Office & ESP open from 8.00am
Qualifying from 12.00pm
SUNDAY 2nd July
Racing from 9.00am
Finals from approx 2.00pm

For further information: Palmyra Dragway - Benaraby Dragway - Ironbark Dragway

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 2017 Nitro Up North Entries Open

Coming up fast is the 2017 Nitro Up North event that is ready to rock Darwin to the bone. Featuring an explosion of horsepower and excitement, Nitro Up North is the opening round of the 2017/18 Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series.

Nitro Up North is one of the great events to attend as an Australian drag racer. We like to think of it not just as another drag racing event, but also an adventure.

Imagine towing to Darwin with a group of friends in convoy, stopping at some of Australia’s great sights along the way. Bring the family and see Uluru or Kakadu National Park, and of course, enjoy racing at one of Australia’s premier venues – Hidden Valley Drag Strip.

To enter the event, click here (link to http://nitroupnorth.com.au/2017/03/28/racer-entry/)

Entries close Friday, July 7th at 11:59 pm (GMT + 09:30 Darwin)

For more info go to www.nitroupnorth.com.au or email to info@nitroupnorth.com.au

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 2017 Desert Nationals

Entries are open for Round 2 of the 2017/18 Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Championship Series.
Normal Entries close on July 7th, 2017.
Late entries accepted up until July 21st at addition cost!

Info: www.cadra.com.au/desert-nationals/desert-nationals-info

Entries: www.cadra.com.au/desert-nationals/desert-nationals-online-entry/desert-nationals-2017 

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 End Of Financial Year Merchandise Sale

For the month of June only, ANDRA are having their annual EOFY Sale. And the timing is perfect with Winter upon us. Check out all the goodies at www.andrashop.com.au. and save 10% off everything for everyone, including non-ANDRA Members.

However, if you are an ANDRA Member it just gets better. We've bumped the savings up to 15%. To take advantage of the offer you must call the office - Phone (08) 8271 5355 BH and have your membership number at the ready or email your details and order to  info@andra.com.au 

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Your ANDRA Divisional Council is your local contact point for information and support.   Amongst other things, your Division Director can assist with Technical Inspector Details in your area, enquiries on becoming an ANDRA volunteer and is your local voice to the ANDRA Operations Committee and ANDRA Ltd Board.
The state of Queensland and Northern Territory marked north from 24 degrees south latitude (North of Gladstone  QLD) including the Darwin Area
Division Director Nathan Peirano
Phone 0457 306 159
Email northernaustralia@andra.com.au
Ross Bryant
Peter Peirano
Aaron Stibbs
Ross Lemberg
Glenn Cunningham
The state of Queensland south of 24 degrees south latitude (including the Gladstone area) and part of NSW north of 30 degrees south latitude.
Division Director – Alternate Wayne Downes
Email southqueensland@andra.com.au
Lance Ginbey
Darren Booth
Brendan Roberts
Les Nagy
Vartan Bedrossian
Sarah Langridge
The state of New South Wales and ACT, but excluding north of 30 degrees south latitude and the area 8 kilometres north along the length of its Murray River border.
Division Director Geoff Crisp
Phone 0408 853 911
Email newsouthwales@andra.com.au
Mark Shepherd
Jim Rowley
John Ward
Frank Cannistra
Jason Stares
Sharon Ward
The states of Victoria and Tasmania and the area 8 kilometres north of the Murray River Border excluding Mildura.
Division Director Paul Rogers Jnr
Phone 0408 712 605
Email victoriatasmania@andra.com.au
Darren Parker
Bill Caris
Douglas Anderson
Stephen Crook
Peter Pisalidis
Rob Cassar
Darryl Chamberlain
The state of South Australia, Northern Territory (excluding the Darwin area).
Division Director – Alternate Vladamir Ostashkevich
Phone 0448 326 464
Email southaustralia@andra.com.au
Andrew Favotti
Bruno Romeo
Rob Rath
Bob Sherry
Sergei Ostashkevich
Margaret Oppes
Andrew Braithwaite
Danny Buccella
The state of Western Australia.
Division Director Terry Jongen
Phone 0424 198 400
Email westernaustralia@andra.com.au
Nick Gardiner
Alan Hudson
Peter Glover
Anthony Begley
Geoff Chaisty
Ian Jenkins
Elizabeth Johns
Murray O’Connor
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 Summit Racing Equipment Pro Shop

Summit Racing Equipment continues its support for Australian drag racers by extending the Summit Racing Pro Shop to include full ANDRA licence holders.

As a Pro Shop member, racers qualify for exclusive discount pricing on performance equipment from the biggest brands in motorsports. 

In addition, ANDRA red licence holders will be granted the same access as their US counterparts to expert tech advice, plus fast and easy special ordering on those hard-to-find parts. 

Racers can create an account by sending a copy/scan of their licence, address, phone number and email address to ProShopAU@SummitRacing.com

Terms & Conditions: 

  • Summit Racing Pro Shop account is for racers personal use and is not to be shared with friends or relatives.
  • The credit card used must belong to the racer on the account.
  • Racers need to renew accounts annually.
  • Failure to follow these guidelines will result in loss of Summit Racing Pro Shop privileges.

For the full story please CLICK HERE

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 Summit Racing Products

Innova Pro Timing Lights 5568
These Innova Pro timing lights have a slim profile and swivelling heads that let you aim more accurately, and are easily operated with one hand. A high-intensity, long-life xenon bulb illuminates the timing marks evenly. They have durable, lightweight ABS housings, protective hand guards, a split-screen digital LCD readout display Tachometer, advance functions, dwell readout, voltage, detachable leads for easy storage, and a carrying case.


Summit Racing® Fender Rollers SUM-900790
What's the best way to roll a fender for your lowered vehicle or vehicle with larger wheels? The answer is simple--Summit® fender rollers allow you to gain the clearance needed to eliminate tire rub. These professional-grade fender roller tools allow you to increase clearance between the tire and the fender, roll the fenders, or repair wheel-arch collision damage. The fender roller tools will fit on 4 and 5-lug wheel hubs up 72.5mm with a maximum bolt circle of 4 3/4 in. (120.65mm). These tools feature a forming arm that adjusts from 14 in. to 22 3/4 in. to roll lips flat, and are equipped with a ball bearing system that forms the fender. So, don't take the chance of ruining your brand new set of expensive tires on your lowered ride, use Summit® fender rollers to nix tire rub, once and for all!


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One National Series proposed

One National Series proposed

24/02/2017, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 21398973

24th February 2017


Catch up on the latest news in ANDRA Drag Racing...

(click links below to navigate directly to each item)

 ANDRA Board Meeting Outcomes

One National Series proposed

At a recent Board meeting the board agreed to back input received from many in the driver’s leadership groups asking ANDRA to lead the strategy of developing a one series format for next season.

The Board have agreed to a one series concept approach for next season and requested the management team to put up some models of what this may look like for the Board to formalise, this process will take a few weeks. ANDRA will then look to consult with a number of race promotors and drivers how a one series scenario can move ahead next season.

Chairman Terry Jongen said, “The ANDRA Board are committed to doing all it can to concentrate on a primary goal of a one series approach for next season. The Drivers consider a dual series costly and fragmented. Ideally it will involve a ‘what is best for the industry’ methodology from all parties required to make this happen. ANDRA is going to lead the initiative and will be as flexible as it needs to ensure there is something for everyone. The two series model is not sustainable and creating unnecessary financial outlays.

National Racing Calendars are complex to produce but we remain optimistic this can be achieved. When we have some models to discuss and we have consulted with Driver Groups, we will then contact promotor groups, including the 400 Thunder Commission to facilitate a way forward. We will also look to meet with Willowbank and Sydney race venue representatives who will be requested to have one event each involved in a national series, without their agreement nothing will change. The new national series model needs to showcase Group 1 whilst taking into consideration all other Sportsman brackets.”

Queensland ANDRA State Championship

The Board also approved an idea tabled by Glenn Cunningham from Palmyra to implement a State Championship in Queensland next season. The Board have requested Glenn’s committee work with tracks at Roma and Benaraby to suggest a model for next season, this work has already started. Racers will compete for a specially designed ANDRA State Championship. Once we have the tracks input ANDRA will look at how this bolts onto the national series. If other state tracks are interested in also developing a state championship submission are welcome through their Division Councils.

Division Director of Northern Australia for ANDRA, Nathan Peirano, said, “We are thankful that three ANDRA member tracks are working together on this great initiative and see it as a win for the sport in Queensland, the Northern Australian Division has been discussion this concept for over 12 months so it is great to see these tracks running with it. We also acknowledge the work that Glenn and his committee have put into working on the State Championship concept.

Glenn Cunningham the President of the Palmyra Drag Racing Club said, “ANDRA by embracing this concept have given its members in Qld the ability to compete in a series that is recognised and will crown a State Champion in all sportsman Group 3 and 4 classes. The series will assist in promoting our sport in the Qld regional areas and I look forward to the time when State Championship points can be used in the ANDRA National Championship Grand Final event.”

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 ANDRA Drag Racing LIVE and FREE

Watch the 46th Annual Westernationals & Summit Racing Equipment Drag Racing Grand Finals LIVE and FREE
The Westernationals at Perth Motorplex on March 4-5 is shaping up to be a must see event with ANDRA Championship battles left, right and centre in Top Alcohol, Top Doorslammer, Top Fuel Motorcycle and Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series.
ANDRA would like to announce that the Westernationals will be streamed Live and Free on Sunday March 5.
“Not only is this an opportunity for the world to see this iconic Australian drag racing event, but it’s also fantastic for the racers to share amongst family, friends, crew and of course their all important sponsors and supporters”, said ANDRA’s Business Development Manager Jennifer Harrison.
In addition the massive season ending Summit Racing Equipment Drag Racing Grand Finals will also be Live and Free from Adelaide International Raceway on Saturday April 1.
This is the event where ANDRA Champions will be crowned for the 2016/17 season including ANDRA Drag Racing Series and the Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series. The kings of the sport – Top Fuel will be burning nitro alongside, Top Alcohol, Top Doorslammer and Pro Stock.

Watch  LIVE & FREE at www.andra.com.au

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 Garmin VIRB ANDRA Drag Racing Live Stream Ad Rates

We're offering a special introductory price for logo placement, 15 second TVC and 30 second TVC.

Get involved and advertise your business, product or service on the Garmin VIRB ANDRA Drag Racing Live Stream.

Beamed around the world via the internet the Garmin VIRB ANDRA Drag Racing Live Stream is the perfect way to grow your profile.


Logo placement: $50 per placement

15 second TVC: $150 per placement

30 second TVC: $250 per placement

If you would like to book ad space on the Live Stream please contact Jennifer Harrison on (08) 8271 5355 or email jennifer.harrison@andra.com.au

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 Looking For An American Classic or Muscle Car?

Graham Shiell is a die-hard drag racing fan since the age of 17. With some 32 years in the sport, Graham has driven a variety of vehicles including motorcycles, a mini Funny Car, dragsters, altereds and Supercharged Outlaws. Pretty much if it had wheels then Graham either drove it or raced it.
His other passion is American Muscle Cars, and he has made the experience of owning US classics as easy as four simple steps.
Are you looking to own an American classic car or bike. Then American Muscle Cars is your one-stop go to place. Importing your dream vehicle has never been easier. American Muscle Cars can help you through the whole process of buying and importing cars, bikes and boats from anywhere in America to Australia.
American Muscle Cars pride themselves on providing a highly experienced and professional importing service with a focus on classic American muscle cars. If you find a cheaper quote anywhere compare our complete service and see why!
Importing a car with American Muscle Cars is as simple as 4 steps. We have imported hundreds of cars, motorcycle, boats and more over the years and know the perfect way to handle it every step of the way. Our goal is to help you with our knowledge and make the entire process as smooth as possible.
Call Graham Shiell from American Muscle Cars today for a quote on 0412 712 007 or go to www.americanmusclecars.com.au for more info.

Graham will also be available to talk at the Clipsal 500 as part of the ANDRA pre - Summit Racing Equipment Drag Racing Grand Final Activation. 

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 Shout Out For Vehicles in South Australia

As part of ANDRA's ongoing Pre - Summit Racing Equipment Drag Racing Grand Finals promotional activities we are looking for drag racing vehicles for the following events to assist with displays at the following South Australian events:

Saturday March 18 - Old Skool n New Age - Morphett Vale Football Club, South Road.
Sunday March 26 - All Chrysler Day - Urrbrae High School Cross Roads Netherby

This is not only a great opportunity for racers to meet and great your fans and show them what drag racing is all about, but also to promote your sponsors and our great sport to the general public.

We would love for you to join us on display so please register your interest here: http://andra.com.au/competitor/vehicle-display.html 
or contact Jennifer Harrison on 0412 400 566.

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 ANDRA Rulebook Advertising

Advertising opportunities for the 2017/18  ANDRA Rulebook are now open. Showcase your business to thousands of competitors and over 100 officials across the country.

The ANDRA Rulebook is a frequently referenced guide to all technical elements in the sport of ANDRA drag racing and an ideal way to reach your core market.

Please find below the details on advertising in the 2017/18 Rulebook. 

Full Page: $1100 + GST

Half Page: $650 + GST

Quarter Page: $400 + GST

Premium placement including inside front cover and back page available upon request.

All enquiries please contact Jennifer Harrison - jennifer.harrison@andra.com.au

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 Leaded Fuel Ban In Australian Motorsport

The current position of the Minister for the Environment and Energy is that the use of leaded fuel in Australian Motorsport is to be banned from July 1st, 2019. ANDRA support a removal of lead from fuel, however, we believe that a sudden and short time frame ban is against our member's interests.

ANDRA Technical and Management are working with The Hon Josh Frydenberg's advisors to put forward a case for a staged reduction of lead in fuel over a longer time period.

Please get in touch with us at technical@andra.com.au with how the Minister's proposal will impact you so we can deliver a comprehensive message, with examples, at our upcoming meeting.

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 Electrimotion Wireless Shut Down System Trial

In recent weeks ANDRA has purchased an Electrimotion wireless shut down system to be trialled at ANDRA member tracks.

With the assistance of Perth Motorplex staff this system will be in place for the test n tune held at the track prior 46th Westernationals 4th and 5th March 2017.

We are aware that a number of competitors already have the receiver fitted to vehicles and will be able take part in the trial.

Any queries or feedback on the system please don’t hesitate to contact ANDRA Competition Manager brett.stevens@andra.com.au

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 Don't Miss The Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series - Steel City Raceway

Do not miss the Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series and the Supercharged Shootout about to hit Steel City Raceway on Sunday 12th March. Come and see all Sportsman brackets battle it out for ANDRA Championship Points.

With the Aussie Wheelstander Bandit Ute and Fireworks Grand Finale there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Gates open at 9am with qualifying starting at 10am
Spectator Ticket Prices: Adults $20, Kids (12-15) $10 & Kids Under 12 Free when accompanied by an Adult.
Full canteen and beer booth available and NO BYO


Please spread the word around that ALL Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series brackets - Group 2, 3 and 4 are welcome to enter. - Call Lia Kuhn on 0407 607 176 for further info or email secretary@steelcitydrags.com

Entry forms are available from www.steelcitydrags.com.

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 Summit Racing Equipment Pro Shop Extends To Aussie Racers

Summit Racing Equipment continues its support for Australian drag racers by extending the Summit Racing Pro Shop to include full ANDRA licence holders.

As a Pro Shop member, racers qualify for exclusive discount pricing on performance equipment from the biggest brands in motorsports. 

In addition, ANDRA red licence holders will be granted the same access as their US counterparts to expert tech advice, plus fast and easy special ordering on those hard-to-find parts. 

Racers can create an account by sending a copy/scan of their licence, address, phone number and email address to ProShopAU@SummitRacing.com

Terms & Conditions: 

  • Summit Racing Pro Shop account is for racers personal use and is not to be shared with friends or relatives.
  • The credit card used must belong to the racer on the account.
  • Racers need to renew accounts annually.
  • Failure to follow these guidelines will result in loss of Summit Racing Pro Shop privileges.

For the full story please CLICK HERE

 2017 ANDRA Divisional Election Nominations Invited

Nominations are hereby invited for the various positions, from Full Members of ANDRA. They must be lodged with the ANDRA Office no later than 12 noon (CDST) Friday, March 31st, 2017 on the appropriate form.

Nomination Forms are available below or by contacting ANDRA on  info@andra.com.au This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or (08) 8271 5355.

Full details of the election process may be found in the ANDRA Constitution

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 Entries Open For Summit Racing Equipment Drag Racing Grand Finals

Adelaide DragRace Promotions would like everyone to know that entries are open for the 2017 Summit Racing Equipment Grand Finals. We are ecstatic in having Summit Racing Equipment on board as the naming rights sponsor for this seasons ANDRA Championship Finale at AIR on 31st Mar & 1st April.

Having the support of international leaders such as Summit Racing Equipment really is a compliment to our sport and how much Summit and we all value ANDRA Championship Drag Racing.

A massive thanks goes out to Jim Greenleaf from Summit for supporting Australian Drag Racing at these levels. Please join me in thanking Jim again, and don't forget we will be having a Grand Finals BBQ for all racers (look out for your voucher in your entry pack) as a thank you specifically from Jim and us.

Go Summit ! Go Drag Racing! See you all in Adelaide!
Peter Pisalidis.

Further info and Entry CLICK HERE:

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 Get Your Summit Racing Equipment Drag Racing Grand Finals VIP Tickets

It's that time again. With the Summit Racing Equipment Drag Racing Grand Finals coming up fast, now is the time to consider spoiling yourself with the VIP Start Line Club. What a great way to finish off the 2016/17 season. Perfect for your family, friends or sponsor.

  • VIP parking included!
  • Event Entry included!
  • The VIP Start Line Club at the AIR is one of the best viewing positions you can get and closer to the action than anywhere in the country!
  • You will have access to the VIP Start Line Club which is under cover and has table seating available.
  • Dinner and evening snacks on Friday 31st Mar, and both lunch and dinner are provided for on Saturday 1st Apr 1/4/2017 (pls advise if you have any dietary requirements)
  • Bar facilities available as well (additional cost)
  • Children under 15 whilst accompanied by an adult with a VIP Start Line Ticket are admitted free.
How Much?
  • $99 for Friday,
  • $140 for Saturday, or
  • $200 for both days (limited tickets so please hurry)

You can only buy these tickets prior to the event, so buy yours now!!!!

CLICK HERE for form: http://adelaidedragracepromotions.com.au/vip-startline-tickets/

All tickets may be collected at the front gate on the day

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 National Rules Committee Meeting

On the weekend of the 11th & 12th February the National Rules Committee met in Adelaide and worked its way through in excess of one hundred rule proposals, clarifications and tidy ups.

This process is an important and valuable part of the ANDRA structure, with all proposals now being written up for presentation to the Division Directors in a few weeks.

Thanks to the NRC and all members that take the time to provide proposals or input into the process.

The National Rules Committee is made up of the following people who give up their time, in helping the sport move forward.

Brett Stevens               Competition Manager (Chair non-voting)
Dicken Patterson         Technical Officer (Presenter non-voting)
Ross Bryant                 Northern Australia
Wayne Downes            South Queensland
Aaron Brookes             New South Wales
Darren Parker              Victoria/Tasmania
Paul Topping                South Australia
Geoff Chaisty               Western Australia
Peter Pisalidis              Promoter/Track Representative

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Book Your Travel For 2017 Through The Accommodation Brokers

2017 is here and with a full slate of ANDRA Championship Drag Racing coming up, The Accommodation Brokers are here to help ANDRA members save on their travel plans.

The process is simple and highlighted here: 

  1. Email your requirements through to The Accommodations Brokers Reservation team at bookings@theaccommodationbrokers.com.au – Alternatively, you can call: 02 9802 2074. Be sure to include the word ‘ANDRA’ in your correspondence to receive the benefits. Information to include: Number of Rooms required | Dates in/out | Location (any preferences) | Any budget or hotel preferences
  2. The Accommodations Brokers conduct all searches to research and identify best market prices – this includes contacting hotels directly to obtain quotes and negotiate on price
  3. The Accommodations Brokers present a handful of the best options based on your requirements – i.e budget, room type, location criteria etc
  4. Should you want to proceed with any of the options, The Accommodations Brokers will manage the booking for you, secure the room with a credit card (for the hotel to charge on check out, not The Accommodations Brokers) and email a booking confirmation with all relevant information.

Should you have any questions, please contact The Accommodations Brokers directly any time on the above email or contact number.

For more information about The Accommodation Brokers please visit: www.theaccommodationbrokers.com.au

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Summit Racing Products

Summit Gifts 2843 - Kids Mechanic's Car Engine Play Set

This Car Engine Service and Repair Play Set will keep kids tinkering for hours. The 27" tall play set has lots of removable parts for pretend service, including the air filter, spark plugs, tires, radiator, struts, oil dipstick, and brakes, plus all the tools needed to get the job done. When the work is complete, you can shut the hood, get behind the wheel, and turn the key—the engine play set has electronic sounds for the ignition and horn, plus light-up headlights and turn signals. Requires eight AAA batteries (not included). Ages 3 and up.


Summit Gifts 7580-21 - 1969 Chevy Nova SS shelf

Display your collectibles with classic car shelves. Cast from resin, this accurately detailed
sculpture is topped with tempered glass shelves. This is a great way to add a touch of nostalgia to any room, and the perfect way to display other collectibles. 19.5" W x 5.5" H x 6.5" D


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Bray's Ready To Rumble

Bray's Ready To Rumble

17/12/2016, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 20598694


Bray's Ready To Rumble
Team Bray Racing is back on track with a full blown assault on the Australian drag racing scene for 2017. The iconic team consisting of drivers Victor and Ben Bray has struck a multi year sponsorship deal with well known Australian oil company Gulf Western Oil. Managing Directors (and Brothers) of Gulf Western Oil, Ben and Andrew Vicary said 'As long time drag racing and Team Bray fans we are thrilled about this new venture. In anything we set out to do we always aim to be number one and Victor and Ben share the very same philosophy. We look forward to an exciting and successful partnership on the race track'. The Team Bray Racing assault consists of 5 cars in total, 2 Top Door Slammers, Two Burnout Cars and a violently fast 6 cylinder powered Toyota to be run in the Factory Extreme class by Ben Bray. Victor Bray said 'I'm back in black and feeling stronger than ever. We don't plan to finish second either. What really excites me is to be working with the Vicary brothers and their highly skilled team at Gulf Western Oil, it's an Australian owned company with state of the art technology that can take on if not surpass any oil company in the world'. So drag racing fans, stay tuned for this one in 2017, it's going do be an amazing spectacle for all to see.


20/06/2016, Australia, Motorsport - Drag Racing, Australian Drag Racing, Article # 18310348


Gary Phillips has claimed his 19 th Australian Championship in his Lucas Oils Alcohol Funny Car en-route to his 13 th Winternationals win, in front of a huge crowd last weekend at Willowbank Raceway.

In what was the quickest Alcohol field in Australian history, that saw the bump spot set at 5.65 secs., Gary qualified #2 with a 5.406 at 268.81mph.

“It’s really exciting to see how much the performance level of the Alcohol class has stepped up in recent times.

There’s no easy match ups, and you have to go out there and try cut a light, and run as fast as the track allows each and every run”, said Gary.

In round 1 of eliminations, Gary used a 5.415 at 267.06mph to take the win. The semi-final match up, would be the defining moment of the 2016 Championship for the 400 Thunder Series. After turning on the win-light, Gary would become the inaugural Pro Alcohol Champion, lighting up the scoreboard with a 5.361 at a history making 270.43mph (435.21kph). This would be the very first Alcohol run in excess of 270mph that Australia has seen, and would also be the new National Speed Record, after it was backed up by the earlier 268.81mph run in qualifying.

“We have been chasing that 270 for some time now, and when that semi-final run could decide the championship, we went up there with a very aggressive setup, knowing that the Willowbank track prep crew would have the surface in outstanding shape, which it was". The final promised to be an exciting match up, and certainly was for all the wrong reasons. After getting loose early in the run, Gary's opponent would cross the centreline making contact with the headers on the Lucas Oils funny car which then exploded his right hand tyre. This caused substantial damage to the Lucas Oil Monte Carlo body and actually cut the left hand tyre. Fortunately, it held air long enough to get to the finish line. Gary took the win and extended his final championship win margin to 68 points, after being forced off the throttle early, and coasted through for a winning time of 5.699 at only 204.98mph.

“It was an eventful season, but we came away with the Australian Championship, new speed record, as well as the

event win. A sincere thank you goes to our major sponsor Lucas Oil, along with our associates, Speedflow, Leanders Clutches, J Payne Race Engineering”."This was a history making season filled with many firsts, and we are proud to have our name attached to each and every one of these achievements. The first to the 5.30's, the first over 270mph, and the first IHRA 400 Thunder Champion. I'm hoping that next season can be even bigger and better".

Gary made his weekend even more action packed, by also competing in his 1953 Studebaker Pro Slammer. After a lot of small changes to the car, Gary qualified #4 with an off the trailer 5.915 at 246.21mph, proving that all the homework done in the workshop had paid off.

Gary recorded his personal best ET of 5.872 at 247.61mph, to claim the win in round 1. Unfortunately, the progress was stopped in round 2, after tyre shake plagued the Lucas Oils car, forcing Gary to wisely get off the throttle.

“Despite losing in the 2 nd round, we’re very pleased with the progress we made last weekend. To come away with a personal best at this prestigious event is just great. To end the season on a high with both cars, is the best way to head into our break. We can’t wait for our next event which is only three weeks away". Gary also would like to thank his dedicated crew for all the hard work and support throughout this season.

For more information, and to keep up to date with the team's results, check out their Facebook page at, www.facebook.com/GaryPhillipsRacing.