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Win $1,000,000?

Win $1,000,000?

13/05/2015, Geelong, Multi Sports, admin, Article # 9979009

Win $1,000,000?

Name the 10,000,000th headline word for word to win $1,000,000?

Think you could name the headline word for word? We don't think so but as we are a free website we can't take the risk that you might get it right so unfortunately there is no competition this time around.

If this was a competition what sporting competition do you think would provide the headline? AFL and the NRL are into their seasons, maybe the English Premier League or Major League Baseball? what about the World Surf League currently running in Rio or the V8 Supercars at Winton? maybe the WTA or just a local tennis competition? With around 3000 pages of sport on the site it would be a battle just to pick the competition. Take a look for yourself, click on the orange "select a sport" tab on the home page to see how many competitions are listed in Just for fun write down the sporting competition you think will provide the 10,000,000th article. You will have the answer in less than 24 hours!

On a more serious note the team would like to thank our loyal readers who have stuck by us during our implementation phase. We have just about got it right with just a couple more changes to come in the next few months.So a big thankyou to all for your support and may your team win.